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How to Start Writing a Book

How to Write a Book

A book is a complicated intellectual product. The process of writing a book takes a lot of your time, energy and nerves, that is why it is really important to have a good start. Lots of things depend on it. First, a good start can guarantee your thoughts to be literally embodied in your book. How to let yourself the opportunity to reach this bright and worthy goal?

How to Survive a Sleepless Night

Night Without Sleep Survival

Who likes being sleepy? No one. Still, sometimes we’ve got to feel like that. You can study exam material, finish your project, wait for the delayed flight in the airport for the whole night. That’s what you’ve got to just overcome. Read how here.

Re-Reading Books is Useful

Re-Read Books Attentively

While reading anything, we often mark some ideas which seem to be important for us. But then, no matter how we liked them, we forget about them and don’t make them real. The way to not let that happen is to read the same books again.

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