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Our agency has developed a system of affordable prices. We do not charge you any extra for the great services we perform. Our team of professionals is ready to assist with any kind of project, assignment or paper you have.

Our writing agency offers the following types of services:

  • Writing from the first scratch; a qualified specialist will complete a paper according to the guidelines from the client side
  • Rewriting service your writer will implement up to 70% changes into the already completed work
  • Editing service up to 30% changes are possible into the provided paper
  • Proofreading service your writer-editor will read the paper through, remove spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Under this service no new content can be added.
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The price for an order is based on the following characteristics:

  • How fast do you need your paper to be delivered? Time of order delivery
  • How many pages/slides would you like to order? Number of pages or slides
  • Do you want a paper to be complicated or a simple one? Academic year of your studying
  • Additional order options Editor's service, Summary of paper, Turnitin report etc.

We suggest our clients to order an official Turnitin report from our company. By choosing this option, our clients can be 100% sure about the originality of the provided work. The system we use to check the papers on plagiarism is safe, as it uses the database of Turnitin but does not copy the content of the paper to its database. Do not use Turnitin on your own, as it may cause problems with the copied paper content to their database! We assure you of a secured check, and we can guarantee that no content will be added to the system of Turnitin.

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