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Money Back Policy

Throughout the last 5 years is performing the highest quality work in order to satisfy every single customer and deliver the papers completed strictly according to the given requirements. Although we are trying to meet all the customer’s instructions to the letter the misunderstandings may happen, which is why we enable our clients to get their money back if they are not satisfied with the service.

The satisfaction rate of our company is fairly high (95.8%) due to following factors:

  1. We are delivering outstanding papers that correspond to customer needs;
  2. Customers are provided with free and unlimited revisions within 10 days period;
  3. Most dispute cases are satisfied and resolved as we are doing our best to find personal approach to every single client.
The process of opening a dispute

Here are the main points to consider in case you want to open a dispute on your order:

  • To open a dispute you have to send an email do our Dispute Department.
  • We are doing our best to respond our customers immediately but usually it takes up 7-10 days to examine the issue, analyze it and come up with the most fitting decision for the customer.
  • Each case is reviewed individually as our Dispute Department Manager considers the specific details of each order, which is being disputed. This is the reason for different time frame of finding the decision on the dispute case.
  • A successful resolution of the case depends on the customer’s willingness to communicate with the Dispute Department. The prompter your response is, the faster we will find the suitable solution.
Cases when the refund is possible:
  1. The customer has paid twice for the same order. If we get double payment we will, for sure, refund one of the payments to you. In order to get your money issues back to you, contact the support team with the issue. They will verify this information and you will be able to get your accidental payment refunded shortly. The same rule works in case two identical orders were made.
  2. No writer has been found for your assignment. In 99, 5% of cases we assign the writers that can successfully handle the tasks given. However, sometimes the suitable writer cannot be found by reason of an extra urgent deadline or complexity of the assignment. If such issue happens our support team representative will inform you in advance and the full refund will be issued within the shortest time frame. Additionally, you will be provided with the discount code, which you will be able to use for all your future orders. In case no writer for revision completion was found you are to contact the Dispute Department in order to discuss the possible resolution. We invoke our customers to take into account that each order is individual, which is why there is not universal solution but a proper specific decision should be found.
  3. The delivery of the order has been late, it was sent after the customer’s deadline passed. We do guarantee that the timely delivery of our services. Nevertheless, in certain cases the objective reasons for lateness exist: providing the additional materials, clarifications and files by the customer not on time. Kindly, note that meeting your deadline depends on your cooperation with us, therefore, we expect that you upload the necessary files and send the clarifications in timely manner. If lateness is caused by customer’s delayed response or uploads refund is not possible.
  4. The quality of the paper completed is not satisfactory. Although we are trying our best to meet the requirements of every single customer sometimes we get claims about the quality of delivered product. If you are not contented with your paper delivered you are obliged to send your reasons for claim to the Dispute department, which will review your case in about 7-10 days.
  5. The customer has received the preview version of completed order and has not approved it. If it is your case you are eligible for requesting unlimited revisions within 10 days or open the dispute on completed paper.
  6. The customer is willing to cancel the order either full or partial refund is possible depending on the stage of paper completion. Here are the cases when the payment can be issued back fully and partially:
    • If we have not assigned the writer for your order the full refund of the order’s payment can be sent back to you.
    • When the writer has been assigned to your order and the half of the deadline has not passed yet you are eligible for receiving up to 70% of the order’s price back.
    • In case more than half of your order’s deadline has passed we can issue up to 30% of the money paid for the order.
    • If the paper has been completed and delivered to the customer no refund is possible even if the client decides to cancel the order.
  7. The delivered paper has been plagiarized. Each work that we deliver to our customers is thoroughly checked through our special developed plagiarism detecting system. Additionally, you have an opportunity to order the Turnitin plagiarism report, which is also submitted through a specific system that does not save papers to its database but verifies their originality. In case you want to make a claim about existence of similarity in your paper you have to provide us with the plagiarism report from or your university in order to prove your complaint. This is the only way that enforces us to accept this kind of claims and open a dispute on the order. Important point! Do not submit your paper to if you know that your professor will do it to check your paper for plagiarism. The system will save your paper to its database, which is why after the next submission it will be displayed as totally plagiarized.
  8. Additional services. There is a range of additional services that can be requested in the process of order placing or it completion. They are TOP and ENL categories of writer, Turnitin plagiarism report, summary of your paper, writer’s sample and editor’s service. In case you want to request the refund for the writer’s category it can only be done in case the writer has not been assigned for your order yet. If the writer has already started working on your paper refund for this feature is not possible. Other additional services are not eligible for refund.

    We issue money back for lateness when:
    • Your deadline is 4 hours and we deliver the completed order with the lateness of 17 minutes. In this case partial refund is possible: the payment will be recalculated and price different of the order with deadline 8 hours will be issued to the customer.
    • 7 days is your selected deadline and the lateness takes place. 10% of your payment can be refunded. The customer’s request is necessary for issuing money back to him/her.
    • The revised paper has been delivered late. Partial refund of up to 15% of overall payment is possible. The customer can request refund through contacting our Dispute Department Manager via email.
    Deadline extension.

    In very rare cases under certain circumstances we are forced to ask the customer for the deadline extension. The reasons for it are typically the complexity of the assignment, technical issues or late delivery of the additional materials. If deadline extension happened in agreement with a customer refund is not possible.

    Significant points about the refund process:
    • The refund request can take place only within 10 days after the completed order has been delivered to you. If you submit your request later we will not review it.
    • After dispute is opened no more revisions can be performed for the customer’s paper.
    • Dispute can be opened only after the customer directly contacts the Dispute Department of our company via email. Email address is available upon request, please, contact the customer support team representatives regarding the issue.
    • We require the customers to provide strong arguments for opening claim on Dispute in order to prevent fraud activity.
    • In case you get the preview version of your paper and do not contact us regarding any changes or approval of it the paper is approved automatically after 10 days, which means that no refund will be possible for the order.
    • We expect our customers to update their personal accounts frequently when their order is in progress as this will ensure that no clarification is pending and the writer will be able to complete the work within given time frames. To make sure that the customers are aware of the necessary clarifications we send email notifications and are giving phone calls to them immediately when any action on the order is needed in order to avoid future misunderstandings. We are waiting for hearing from you 24/7: our customer support will be glad to assist you with any questions regarding our services anytime that you will need it.

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