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Plagiarism free

Plagiarism free

The plagiarism free paper is what you will surely get if you get help with our custom writing company. We have developed the plagiarism free guarantee, under which we take the appropriate actions to make your papers safe from plagiarism. Firstly, we have the specially developed software that was created for our company and is a good plagiarism detecting system. The specific of this program is that it is good for students, whose papers will be further checked by the turnitin system. Our program does not save results, so turnitin will show no results for sure. We check each paper completed with this detector and the essay is sent to customer only if there is completely no plagiarism. Unfortunately, only turnitin can give you the exact results about the presence or absence of plagiarism in your paper, so we offer you a few ways out if you have got results in your turitin report. You can get the revision of your paper asking your writer to reword the paper completed or rewrite it completely. If it won`t save the situation or you do not need revisions any more, you can start the dispute and get money that you have paid back. However, these situations practically never happen with our company. The writer who has been caught will be fired, and it is stated in our policy for writers. The cost of such risk is too high as position of writer with our service is not easy to get. Moreover, our writers are professional and respect the writer’s ethics, having enough of their own ideas not to plagiarize from works of others. We appreciate our customers` satisfaction and it is a great pleasure for us to get good feedbacks saying that the paper was original and well-written. That is why, we do our best to collect as many such feedbacks as possible!

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