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Re-Reading Books is Useful

Re-Read Books Attentively

While reading anything, we often mark some ideas which seem to be important for us. But then, no matter how we liked them, we forget about them and don’t make them real. The way to not let that happen is to read the same books again.

Most part of people think that hearing or reading about any important idea is enough to master it and to change themselves at once. The trouble is the fact our subconscious mind doesn’t work like that. There is a variety of different factors struggling against each other to get its attention. Only by meeting the same information again and again you can help the needed idea to break through the barrier of informational noise. Then your mind starts to understand this idea is really important.

This principle can be practiced according to any book, course, seminaries, and anything you get familiar with while trying to change your behavior.

Everyone’s got such books they’ve read more than once. Some of them are being turned regularly: you use them as a source for your inspiration. And there are really special works of art, worth to be read at least once in a year.

So why reading the same books again is useful?

  1. 1. You’ll Remember Information

    We all know the best way to remember what you’d just read: writing a short retelling story. Another good thing is reading the book or material again. Of course, automatic reading of the same again and again is not the point.

    Additionally, you can put bookmarks on the pages you especially liked while reading, and then write the ideas from the marked pages onto separate cards. If to keep these cards sorted by topic (category), you can read the important ideas from every book at any moment of time, whenever you feel the need.

    Or, during you read the book, you can write down the ideas you find the most interesting, and to mark page numbers where the required quotes to illustrate this or that idea can be found. This is the way to find any quote you need and to repeat the book’s content without reading it again in general.

  2. 2 . You’ll Pay Attention to Something Important

    While re-reading the book, you’ll be seriously wondered why you haven’t put book marks on some of its pages while reading it for the first time. There might be a plenty of such marks. Maybe you missed a phrase or a paragraph you needed the most.

  3. 3. You’ll More Probably Take Actions

    You can listen to the audio version of the book first, and then to read it if you found its content as useful. It is especially effective for a non-fictional literature which is more difficult to be understood through listening. After you listened to the book once, you probably won’t get a thing. Play it again and again.

    The more often you hear about the same idea, the deeper it gets into your mind. As a result, you’ll more probably try to keep up to it and take some real actions. Repetition is a mother of learning. And a sister of acting.

  4. 4. The Effect of New Information Will Last Longer

    Effective Reading Books

    If you’ve ever visited conferences, seminaries or other motivational events, you know how the emotional rise is felt after them. During the last day of an event you really feel the power to change your life totally, to write a book based on the idea you keep in mind for ages, to start studying perfectly, and so on.

    In a day or two after you come back to your regular life, your power is being hopelessly lost, you come back to the ground. One of the reasons leading to that is the environment you’re in. The events mentioned above are organized in the way to motivate you as hard as possible. This effect will obligatory vaporize sometime later.

    The conclusion is: you can change what surrounds you. You can gain your optimal performance in that way, and to increase your creativeness, too. Surround yourself with useful books, re-read what motivates you the most. The effect of this kind of motivation is being felt much longer than the one of special events.

    Some people say they read their favorite motivational quotes when their life gets totally bad. This helps them to find an inspiration, ant to tune up themselves to keep working. So, why, the hell, do they wait until it all gets weird? You don’t need to empty the water-bottle in order to fill it again, do you?

    Don’t wait until you turn into a squeezed lemon. Let the repeating of useful info become your good habit.

    All the great ideas you ever found or generated are already in your head. You only need to remind yourself about them. Pieces of advice above are not the only ones, you could find or think out your own way to keep the information from good books with you.

    Try, test, provide experiments with your mind, and your head will always be full of great and original thoughts, visions and ideas.

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