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Management Accounting: Sample Paper

Management accounting

Financial and management accounting play different roles in the running of a business. According to Hoyle, Schaefer, and Doupnik (2018, p44) “the focus of financial accounting is mainly disclosure whereas management accounting is concerned with informing the top management about the health of the business and suggesting improvements.” Financial accounting plays the role of disclosing certain information to the stakeholders of a business.

How to Study Online Effectively


Distance studying with MOOC, online seminars and conferences enter deeper and deeper into students’ lives. They can and should be used with personal profits. Moreover, they fit different goals: self-development, personal growth, will to study something new or just to have any hobby.

Writing Tips: Living Dialogue Creation

Writer Creates Dialogue

A dialogue is a crucial part of any fictional written text: a story, a novel, a screenplay, or a theatrical piece. With some exceptions, a good dialogue is the one you believe in. When characters react in the way the reader (or viewer) would do, the public starts to sympathize heroes. Still, the sudden element is needed here, too. That is why a proper balance between the predictability and unpredictability of a dialogue can turn bad dialogues into good ones. In this article, we’ll find out how to do that.

Studying Difficulties: Apathy and Ways to Overcome It

Student with Apathy

Apathy can be described as the mental state without emotions. You don’t feel anger or joy, wonder or hate, passion or disappointment. You can think it to be your calmness, but if to look closer, there are differences. Apathy is a long-term state characterized by lack of energy, interest, complete loss of fresh and original thoughts.

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