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Surviving the Day After a Sleepless Night

Sleepless Night Survival

All the attempts to add yourself some wake can only be time measures.

You don’t add yourself more resources once you drink a bottle of energy drink. You just help your organism to burn its own fuel while working more and more.

That is why you need to put all your efforts onto recovery.

  1. 1. Don’t Drive

    Researches show that a sleepy driver is nothing better than drank one. So, if there was a sleepless night in your schedule, ask someone to give you a ride to the college, uni, or office. Or use public transport. No driving until you sleep at least four hours in a row.

  2. 2. Wait till The Evening

    If you don’t want your normal schedule destroyed, don’t go to sleep during the day. In other ways you risk to fall asleep so had you’ll open your eyes only in the evening. And then it will be a lot more difficult to bring normal hours back. If you decide to sleep, do that during 20,60, 90 minutes and ton more.

  3. 3. Deny Coffee

    When your hands stretch to a cup of coffee and cans of energy drinks: resist! Caffeine is able to lower the quality of your sleep even if you drank a coffee cup six hours before going to bed. So, you need to have some cups in the morning, but don’t do that after 4 a.m. Otherwise, you’ll sleep badly despite all your night adventures.

  4. 4. Refuse Being Multitasked

    Choose two tasks and work on them. Once you notice that it is difficult to do something, have a break and then start doing another task. Don’t do them both at the same time, your brain won’t be able to switch fast enough. Still it can’t be busy with routine job. Leave some place for your brain’s maneuvering, that’s how you’ll keep your thoughts in tonus.

  5. 5. Drink Water and Eat Vegetables

    Yes, yes, yes, drink water! That’s one of the most popular advices when talking about health, so use it finally!

    If your sleep is short, you want to get lots of calories from food and you eat more often, though your physical activity is reduced. That is why regular lack of sleep is connected to obesity.

    Normal eating is especially important when the rest of your life goes on irregular schedule.

    The exit is to eat vegetables and fruits. Useful vitamins, antioxidants, and other materials will protect cells of your body while you won’t be able to let them regenerate normally.

  6. 6. At Least Do Warm-Up

    Heavy metal weightlifting and running marathons should be left till another day. But a good warm-up complex will help you to live through the difficult day. Plus, after having an easy load even overwhelmed brains sleep better.

  7. 7. Eat Less. And No Alcohol

    Your tired brain will require pleasures, and the easiest way to get them is to eat. Eating too much isn’t healthy, we all know that for a long time already. So, you’ll feel extremely exhausted once you take any unneeded piece of food.

    And here go some advices from Captain Obvious: don’t drink alcohol. Lack of sleep + alcohol = catastrophe.

    Scientists found out alcohol to hurt sleeping at all. So, if you want to get recovered from yesterday’s night run, even a glass of wine will be unnecessary.

  8. 8. Go Against Your Daily Regime and Sleep More

    Sleep after Sleepless Night

    Even if you lack sleep chronically, you can make yourself feel better through sleeping during 10 hours in a row. Such sleep will help you bring your body into a normal moving shape, and you’ll feel yourself well in the morning.

To Conclude

So, when you need to live through a sleepless night, keep in mind that your organism won’t be glad. And this means you should take are about everything: normal eating, drinking enough water (not alcohol) both at night and the day after it. Plan yourself some recovery time and make breaks while working.

One sleepless night is nothing serious. You’ll just be irritated for a couple days.

And a constant lack of sleep is something striking your health, but that’s completely another story.

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