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How to Read Faster: Tricks and Tips

Person Reading

The amount of information increases every day and, consequently, many people have a fear to miss something interesting and important. However, time passes by, and every day we find ourselves having less and less time for all of information. One of the ways out is to learn how to read this information faster.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Things to Remember

Thoughtful Person

Comparing yourself with others you won't lead you to anything good. If you win in this comparison - you get feeling of the superiority. Otherwise, you censure people if they are winning. Then your self-esteem just descends. How to teach yourself not to do that? How to begin living without this 'headache'? Here are a few examples of how people spoil their mood by comparing themselves with others, even with strangers, consciously or not.

Myths on Writing

Writing Myths Bust

Modern writing is full of different myths which often hold unexperienced writers from starting their careers. Though, the most part of these legends have nothing to do with reality. In this article, we reviewed five of the most widespread myths, and tried to completely bust them for you.

How to Start Writing Posts, Essays, Articles and Books

Writing Myths

While developing business, one uses different ways of communication with their clients: private conversation, phone calls, presentations and so on. When developing something on the paper or in the Internet, the main communicative channel is the written one (email posts, blogs, articles, books, etc.) so it’s impossible for anybody not to have writing skills here.

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