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Privacy Policy is working to provide the customers with the best writing services possible, which will both convenient and quality at the same time. In order to get our clients satisfied we deliver original completed papers in timely manner and guarantee personal approach to every single order. When you select to cooperate with, stay assured that you will be able to get free and unlimited revisions according to our policies.

Main points to consider:

  1. Revision instructions. The customer must take into account that the instructions for revision should not contradict to those that were provided initially. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide the free revision but the additional payment will be charged for revision.
  2. Sending a revision request. The revision process starts with customer sending a revision request. What is necessary to do is to send the message to the writer with all the comments for revision, indicating the points, which you want to be fixed step by step, and providing the time frame for completing the revision. Additionally, the customer may contact the support team via live chat, phone or email and ask to help sending the revision request.
  3. Time given for free revision request. The customer is able to request revision for free within 10 days after the order has been completed. After the term of 10 days expires the paper is automatically approved and free revisions are not available for it, hence, if you want to get your order revised after 10 days when you received, the additional payment for revision will be needed. We recommend our customers not to miss their chance for free and unlimited revising their paper within first 10 days.
  4. Initial instruction change. In case the customer is changing the instructions during revision in order to get certain points added or there is a need to change some principal features of instruction, free revision is not possible. The additional payment will be required in the amount of 70% of initial price or it will be recalculated according to the cost of rewriting or editing services with your revision deadline.
  5. Reassignment of the writer. In case you are not satisfied with the work of your writer and feel like he or she is not able to provide you with desirable result you may ask the support team to assign a different writer for your order. Kindly, note that writer’s reassignment is possible only if at least 3 revisions were completed by the first writer. Also, we need to get very strong and meaningful arguments from the customer why he or she needs to get the write changed. This is required in order to prevent fraud activity.
  6. The option of “progressive delivery” is available now. In case you are placing the order for more than 30 pages you are eligible to request “progressive delivery” for your paper. This option will provide you with an opportunity to get your paper revised during 20 days after the time when the first revised paper have been delivered.
  7. Refund. The customer is able to request a refund for the order only in case at least 2 revisions have been made for his or her order. If the order’s deadline is urgent (4, 8 and 12 hours) only 1 revision may be requested. We expect our customers to provide us with rational and convincing reasons for requesting money back for the order.
  8. Revision deadlines. The minimum time frame for revision process is 3 hours. However, if you have an order with an urgent deadline you (4 and 8 hours) you can ask the writer to deliver the revision within 2 hours. Kindly, note that in order to provide the properly revised paper the writer need enough time to examine your requirements and apply them to his writing, therefore, we are asking our customers to provide the maximum possible deadline for revision.
  9. Opening a dispute on the order. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the completed order and are willing to open a dispute and get refund for it you should take in consideration that money back is not possible if you did not request revision for the order previously. If the revision (at least, one for the urgent cases, and two for the orders with longer deadlines) took place you can send an email to the Dispute Department and get your claim reviewed within next 7-10 days.

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