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How to Survive a Sleepless Night: Part 2

Sleepless Night

This is the article continuing our previous text about getting through the night without any sleep. Hope our advices will be helpful for you.

  • 1. Sleepless Night: Refuse Sweets

    And Eat the Normal Food.

    The candy will lead to a heavy tiredness few hours later. Sweets won’t help you keep your energy: sugar boosts the level of energy, and then powers leave you alone with the same high speed.

    You better eat products which can supply you with energy for a long period of time. For instance, some light meals with a high content of protein in them. What food is that? Nuts. Eggs. Nuts again. Add vegetables and fruits to them in order to get vitamins.

    Don’t put anything heavy and fat onto your dish. Temporarily forget about hamburgers and fried chicken legs. And eat few times having small portions instead of eating once and for life. Eating small portions during the whole night will allow you to be supplied with energy all the time.

  • 2. No Sleep: Drink Coffee

    But in Small Portions.

    Coffee is a stimulator, of course. But it is better not to exceed a caffeine dose.

    Couple liters of coffee and couple cups of coffee can give the same effect: it is not only quantity that matters. The main thing is not to drink the coffee portion at once. 

    When there is a sleepless night ahead, you need to focus on your tasks. If you drink more than two cups of coffee at once, you’ll overexcite your neural system and lose concentration.

    That is why it is good to slowly drink a cup or two, having something to chew at the same time. Then, after four hours, you can go for an additional portion of coffee.

    When the coffee norm (four cups a day) is done, switch to water. When there is enough water in your organism, every cell works better and it is a lot easier to concentrate on your job.

  • 3. Sleepless: Chew Something

    Chewing gum increases the activity, and can even improve the brain’s performance. Help yourself and choose mint gum. Mint aids brain’s activity, and its smell empowers your memory.

    Yeah, about smells… Essential oils of mandarin, lemon, orange and rosemary can wake, too. If you don’t like aromas and oils, just eat oranges (or fruit dessert with citruses and mint).

  • 4. Get up and Walk

    Do a short walking break every 45 minutes. If you’ll drink a lot as it was advised above, you’ll regularly move to bathroom: use this break to walk a bit more.

    It is especially important if you work at the computer for the whole night.

  • 5. Turn Some Active Music On

    Nature sounds, mantras, lullaby songs and romantic music needs to be delayed till the next day. Monotonic tracks won’t help you remain awake even being sharp and loud. Compose a dynamic playlist that could make you dance. At 3 P.M. you won’t be able to hang out, but won’t fall asleep either.

  • 6. Create Uncomfortable Conditions

    Sit on a bad chair. Straighten your back, stick up with gadgets and setup reminder messages. No chairs, sofas and soft pillows are allowed. Backless stools, plain floor – here are your workplaces. Keep your body in a tonus, so your mind couldn’t relax, too.

  • 7. Find Some Bright Impressions

    Awake yourself with an emotional bomb. Talk to someone you know who has the views opposing to yours onto any serious topic. Visit a website that you really and sincerely hate. The point is not to get involved and not to prove your viewpoint to the opponent with all the arguments, but to receive an adrenaline dose and to open your eyes wider.

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