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Our guarantees

Essay guarantees

Always on time – we guarantee your paper will be delivered on time according to the requested deadline.

Plagiarism Free – we provide only unique papers completed as per your instructions. We do not have a database of previously completed papers. Before sending the essay to you, our support team carefully checks the work on special software.

Professional writers- we work only with experienced writers, who are able to satisfy all your needs. Our database contains more than 1700 writers from all over the world.

100% Confidentiality – we never share your personal information to the third parties. Placing your order with us is safe!

Unlimited revisions – you are able to request as many revisions as you need absolutely for no extra cost. All revisions are free. Your writer will complete revisions for you as many as needed until you are fully satisfied with the delivered work.

24/7 Support – our support team members will help you with all your questions and requests. We are available through the phone, online chat and emails.

Secure payments – we do care about your security that is why we are using leading payment systems which are safe to use. We do not collect any information about your credit card or bank account; all payments are made on a special page of the payment system, not on our website.

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