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Newbie Writer’s Mistakes

Writing Beginner Mistakes

If you think great writers are born being great, you are seriously mistaken. The process of creating any fictional, publicity and other texts is something about a hard work. What requires especially big efforts are one’s first pen tests. This is the period when new writers make their mistakes. These writers only start mastering their talent, so some misses are simply unavoidable.

Racism Essay Sample

Essay on Racism

What is racism? It is a contemptuous and hateful attitude to representatives of other races. It rarely appears in a form which is more precise: like Nazism, which means hating others not for their race, but for their nationality.

How to Get Up Early

Early Awakening

To decide when you should wake up, it is required to take into account your daily schedule and responsibilities (family, work, study, hobbies, travelling, etc.). For instance, if you sit at your studying or work till late night, it will be difficult for you to get up at 5 AM.

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