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How to Survive a Sleepless Night

Night Without Sleep Survival

Who likes being sleepy? No one. Still, sometimes we’ve got to feel like that. You can study exam material, finish your project, wait for the delayed flight in the airport for the whole night. That’s what you’ve got to just overcome. Read how here.

I guess nobody will deny a fact that even a little lack of sleep influences the organism negatively. Mood gets worse; brain works slower, metabolism processes interrupt themselves, risk of getting obesity and diabetes increases. Unfortunately, there is no any mind exercise which can help you take right decisions while you’re sleepy. Even stimulators (coffee, for instance) won’t make you think better then.

Yet you can get yourself prepared to the night wake as well as it is possible. How not to fall asleep and to overcome the night afar from the bed?


  • 1. Try to Sleep for The Future

    It is not always possible to plan a sleepless night, yet if you fell that you’ll need to suffer a little, make your organism prepared to additional loads. If you sleep not enough, and then you don’t sleep at all, you just gather all the negative effects of such schedule together.

    But if you regularly stick to your day schedule and rest normally from 7 to 9 hours, then one night without sleep won’t hurt you a lot. And if to sleep longer in a few nights before night marathon, then the consequences will be minimal, too.

  • 2. Have a Nap

    Yes, the article is about how not to sleep. But sometimes 20 minutes are better than nothing. If you have the possibility to rest a little, you better go for a short sleep.

    Here are two troubles. The first one is the risk to sleep longer than it was planned before. The second one is equally serious: sleeping becomes impossible. How can you have a 20-minute break when the head is filled with tasks, problems and exam tickets? Lay down on the floor into “Shavasana” yoga pose. Well, if you don’t find mediation and stuff useful, just lay on any plain rigid surface, put your arms and legs into different sides, and charge the alarm clock (20 minutes!). Then start relaxing your body from your feet fingers to the top of your head. Do this consciously, make all the muscles relax completely. Two minutes for such relaxation, 18 more minutes are for you to sleep, or just to rest a bit.

    If there is such possibility, sleep an hour (or an hour and a half). Once you awake of such sleep, you’ll feel yourself like you had some real rest.

  • 3. Turn the Lights On

    The darkness is required for melatonin (the hormone of sleep) to be produced. If you don’t want to fall asleep, add some light. For instance, a desk lamp or a monitor nearby your eyes will bring your brain back to the active status.

  • 4. Ventilate Your Room

    Humans sleep better when the room is a bit cold (air temperature is approximately 18 °Ð¡). If you wish to remain fresh, the room is to be neither warm nor cold. 23–24 °Ð¡ is a temperature which won’t help you fall asleep.

  • 5. Take a Cold Shower

    Sometimes it is needed only to think about diving into cold water, and thee human awakes. Yes, you need to wash up (at least) if the living cold shower makes you feel panic. Method has not a long-term effect: you’ll get charged for an hour, then you’ll have to repeat the procedure once more. But don’t forget: it is useful.

    Change wash up and cold shower with an ice cream or a fruit ice. Do it not more than once in a night in order to keep up with the next point we’ll describe in our upcoming 

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