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Recommendations on Depression

Depression Advice List

There sometimes happen such periods in human’s life, when they just want nothing: the reality is grey, the mood is bad all the time, the wish to quit everything is extremely strong. Those are the first signs of depression.

It can often be felt in autumn, when there is no sunlight and the weather is nasty, so you feel sad every single day. But depression could start on one sunny day in summer as well.

If you notice you’ve got feelings & signs described above, read the next 10 recommendations on how to get rid of depression.

  • Find the Reason

    There are often numerous reasons for depression: stress, tiredness and other cool things of a big city living in XXI century. But mostly, if to dig a bit deeper and more attentively, one can find the main reason of their depression. Write down all your wishes and what doesn’t let you accomplish them. This will make searching a problem a lot easier.

    Then you’ve got to try denying this reason or weakening it at least.

  • Get the Hobby

    Getting busy with your favorite and interesting activity is the best way to leave your grey routine behind and to go into your little joys. Handmade, tabletop games, collecting stuff, playing videogames, etc. Just do something you really like.

  • Find a Favorite Job

    Favorite job adds your energy, hated one gets it from you. Depression is often provoked by job problems.

    If your job makes you feel negatively, think about finding something new. But seek something you like first, salary is a secondary option here.  You’ll deal with two troubles at once: you’ll change the environment and get rid of stress.

  • Change Your Viewpoint

    The rule is simple: if you can’t change the situation, change your attitude to it then. That’s not easy, but calmness is priceless, don’t you think?

    Don’t despond ever!

  • Stop Thinking of Problems

    Every time you talk about your problems with friends, you empower your negative thoughts and emotions to continue destroying you on purpose.

    Even when the people ask you about “how are you?”, they don’t really want to hear a lecture about how bad your things are. You better just smile, tell a joke and ask them about their lives. It will be pleasant for your friends, and you won’t start thinking of your troubles.

  • Don’t Stay with Losers

    This may seem to be a cruel advice, but still it is true. There are persons who are bound to be depressed forever, and they infect others with their negative. When you feel bad, you are eager to stay with such people so you could cry together.

    Yet this situation is the same with when you empower your negative emotions on your own. Refuse such contacts, and it will be easier for you to recover fast.

  • Go in for Sports

    Sports Advice on Depression

    Physical exercises are the excellent way to get rid of calories and different thoughts.

    After lifting some heavy metal a couple times and becoming wet with sweat, one is easy to forget about nonsense.

    Develop Your Personality

    Whatever happens – go on living! And go on getting better. So, continue your self-development through “I don’t want” and other nasty thoughts: read books, visit exhibitions, meet new people etc.

    Help the Weak

    Find a home for a kitten, go volunteering, help those who needs your assistance. This is the way to distract your attention, to make something good and to see that actually your troubles are not that bad. Perfect way to start living again.

    Life to Become Bright

    Meet only with positive people help the others, work on your favorite job, listen to your favorite music and do what you like the most! Stop being afraid of living your life and you’ll find the light inside of your soul which will be able to show you new horizons.


    One of the famous psychologists once said depression to be a woman in black who comes to your threshold and starts knocking the door. If you tell it to get out, it will stay there forever. But if you invite her into the apartment to drink some tea and to ask about why she visited you – you’ve got the chance to say her “goodbye.”

    Don’t forget the depression to be a symptom, not the problem itself. And this symptom is a valuable knowledge which will help you become a lot better if you treat it attentively.

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