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Newbie Writer’s Mistakes

Writing Beginner Mistakes

If you think great writers are born being great, you are seriously mistaken. The process of creating any fictional, publicity and other texts is something about a hard work. What requires especially big efforts are one’s first pen tests. This is the period when new writers make their mistakes. These writers only start mastering their talent, so some misses are simply unavoidable.

Everyone who ever created, and who creates texts nowadays, passed through the obstacles of newbie writers’ mistakes. There is no wonder in it. You just need to set up your right attitude to this process.

Never scold or criticize yourself. Remember that every beginner makes mistakes regularly. This is a kind of a studying period: you gain experience and mastery while passing through it. Learn how to notice your own mistakes in time and how to make proper conclusions from them. This is the way not to lose your interest and to continue developing your skill.

In this article, we are going to present five mistakes of a newbie writer. It is better to notice at once: the newbie writer here is a person who feels their uncontrollable craving for writing, but can’t write what is wanted yet.

The First Mistake: Uncertainty

The first newbie writer’s mistake is their own uncertain position.

Humanity wrote an uncountable number of books during the period of our civilization’s existence. Every topic has been described and discussed more than a hundred times even. It is not easy to bring something new into this world nowadays.

Of course, the newbie writer feels uncertain: why and for what to write about something, if everything was already written before? This uncertainty is where the first mistake of a beginner has been hidden.

Yes, there are lots of written words in this world. And there will be written even more of them. But you should never forget: every person is the unique one. There never was somebody like you, there will never be someone as well. So, if you feel the need to tell something to this world, be sure and solid, stop holding yourself up

The Second Mistake: Ideas

The second mistake of a newbie writer comes out from the first one.

The beginner mostly doesn’t know what to write about. As a rule, this problem appears in heads of young authors, who don’t have lots of life experience. What is the wrong decision? Yep, putting the pen down and starting to wait until the experience appears.

Don’t do that! Even a baby has something to tell this world about, so don’t feel doubts about your abilities. Trust your intuition and call to your internal, subconscious knowledge. Your brain is a treasure chest you never know what’s in side it.

So, throw away your fears and trust yourself.

The Third Mistake: Laziness

 Writer’s Laziness Mistake

The third mistake is hidden in the fake absence of time required for writing. Well, this mistake is made by every human, not only by newbie writers.

This is a king of an excuse thought out by a person for their own laziness and the absence of willpower to do something. “I work during the whole day, when should I write? Well, I’ll earn more money, then I’ll take my vacation and certainly write my genuine writing!”

You know that feeling, don’t you? Here is the point” as long as you follow such thoughts, you’ll write nothing. One’s creative process doesn’t depend on the amount of money and free time at the disposal. Writing is just like any job, it takes lots of your efforts.

That’s like going in for sports: you won’t get the result without having your regular trainings. Don’t think famous writers to earn their money first, and then to start writing their masterpieces. They’ve had their jobs just like you have, but didn’t forget about writing work, devoting some time to it every day.

So, stop looking for excuses. If you want to become a real writer, devote at least half an hour during the day to this activity.

The Fourth Mistake: Plan

The fourth newbie writer’s mistake is in the absence of any algorithm for the work. Every famous writer had the certain plan for writing their texts. Any missing link leads to the interruption of the whole process.

Everything starts from a single training here. Set up a rule: no day without writing at least a line. Write something about anything: the point is to do this regularly. As soon as you get your idea, you can continue your writing job.

Here’s the order:

  • Idea;
  • The process of gathering info and materials needed;
  • Writing the first text sample;
  • Editing and correction process;
  • Writing the second text sample;
  • Letting your friends and relatives to read it;
  • Analyzing their critics and comments;
  • Writing the third text sample;
  • Putting the text out for a month or two;
  • Editing and correction;
  • Publishing the final text.

The Fifth Mistake: Money

Money Mistake of Writers

The fifth mistake is probably the one creating the greatest obstacles.

Never start writing something if your primal goal is becoming famous. Fame and money are the result of your job. But they are only a pleasant reward. The creative process itself: that’s what important for the real writer.

Famous writers always avoid writing paid texts. You should be worried with a thought of meeting your desk and your masterpiece, not with a thought about mountains of gold expecting you. Dive into your creativeness completely, and no criticism will be able to hurt you. Enjoy the process of creation and you’ll make the real masterpiece once.

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