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How to Get Up Early

Early Awakening

To decide when you should wake up, it is required to take into account your daily schedule and responsibilities (family, work, study, hobbies, travelling, etc.). For instance, if you sit at your studying or work till late night, it will be difficult for you to get up at 5 AM.

When the time is determined, pay your attention onto next four points:

  1. Goals and attitude to life;
  2. Evening ritual;
  3. Sleep quality;
  4. Awakening and morning ritual

These are the factors which will help you get up early in the morning with no problems. Let’s take a look onto every point separately. The first article is about goals and evening rituals.

Goals and Attitude to Life

You need to be prepared: at the beginning, you’ll need to sacrifice a lot of your usual things to your goals. You’ll have to refuse night parties for some time. Until your organism gets used, you’ll feel more tired and be less productive. In order to overcome these difficulties easier, you need to have your goals clear.

Why is this so important?

  • First, your foals motivate you. They help you get out of the bed once you want to sleep “just five more minutes”.
  • Second, your goals determine your actions. Every goal needs to have its special system of actions to perform in order to get the wanted result.


  • Goal: to lose 5 kg till April 1, 2017.
  • Action system: consuming less than 2000 calories a day (no sweets & fast food) & going in for sports: cardio training two times a week, weightlifting two times a week and yoga for flexibility.

Determine your three main goals for the next year, and create a system of actions for them separately.

Evening Ritual

To get up easily & comfortably in the morning, you better prepare in the evening. Here are some advices.

Don’t Use Electronic Devices Before Sleep

Light of displays of smartphones, tablets and computers causes a negative effect on your sleep. That is why it is better to turn off all the gadgets 1-2 hours before going to bed.

Get Prepared for Tomorrow Earlier

Make your next day plans in the evening. This will allow you not to devote your morning time & energy to this activity. Decide what you need to do, what clothes to put on, what to cook for a dinner, etc.

Mark the Past Day

Time passes, remaining unnoted. If you don’t stop and analyze the most important things, you can lose a lot of useful experience. So, think about what was your day looking like, what was good in it, what made you glad, and what you could do better.

Read Something

Reading Evening Ritual

Nowadays everyone has such a busy schedule it is difficult to find some time for reading. But if you turn off all the electronic devices in a few hours before sleep, you’ll certainly find at least 30 minutes to read a good book.

Sleep Quality

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to what influences the quality of their sleep and to how they can make it better. But the next factors are worth being remembered all the time.

  • Drinks. Don’t drink coffee or alcohol at least for 6 hours before going to bed, or you will doubtfully have a good sleep. You better drink a green tea or some water.
  • Food. Don’t eat a lot before sleep. This loads your alimentary system and influences your sleep quality, too. Better eat something light: nuts, for instance.
  • Sport activities. Don’t go in for sports for at least three hours before going to bed, otherwise it will be difficult for you to fall asleep. Shift your training to morning hours instead.
  • Comfortable conditions. Buy a high-quality mattress and pillows. It is better to sleep in a dark and quiet place with not a very high air temperature there.
  • Regime. Go to bed at the same time every day. Of course, it will be difficult for the first few times. While organism tries to change the rhythm, you better go to sleep once you feel tired. You’ll get used to a new regime a couple days later.
  • Sleep time. Find your perfect time for both falling asleep and awakening. To feel good during the whole day, you should sleep for at least 7 hours. Of course, you won’t figure out your perfect sleep time with a precision up to a minute at once, but you’ll certainly find your ideal timing.

In the upcoming article, we are going to talk about awakening morning rituals, which can improve your early wake up experience even more. Follow our news and you won’t miss it!

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