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Early Get Up - Part 2

In the first part of the article we told about goals and evening rituals. Let’s see what comes next to your night of a good sleep.

Awakening and Morning Ritual

Morning Get Up

There are two methods which could help you to wake up earlier. Choose the one which fits exactly to you.

  1. 1. Diving method.

    You get up at the time you planned at once, and try to keep up to your new regime. This way is more complicated, because your organism will be more tired of such rapid changes. In this case, you could nap for 20-30 minutes during the day.

  2. 2. Gradual method.

    This way is more effective, because you change the time of your awakening gradually. The best thing is to shift it for 10-15 minutes during 2-3 days until you get used, and then shifting it earlier again. For example, if you usually get up at 8 AM, don’t try to start awakening at 6 AM at once. Set up your alarm clock on &:45 first. Get up at that time for a few days, and then change the time of alarm bell to 7:30. Yes, this is going to take more time, but it will be easier for your organism to get used to a new regime.

When the suitable way is chosen, it is good to keep to the following advices:

  • Don’t choose a sound that irritates you as your alarm ringtone. Find a song with a slow intro making you feel positively (of course, this song might start irritating you some time later). Don’t leave your alarm near the bed during first few weeks: you’ll have to get up in order to turn it off, and that’s the point.
  • Report to anyone. For sure, someone of your friends already gets up early in the morning. Try asking them to support you. Make a deal: you’ll call or write them 10-15 minutes after awakening.
  • Turn your responsibility into a game. Place a paper calendar onto any visible place and mark the days when you get up early with a red pencil. A few days later, you’ll have a chain of such marks, so you won’t want to interrupt it. This is a small trick to help you keep your motivation charged.
  • Do something right after awakening. This will get you out of your somnolence. Even simple actions will work: drinking a glass of water, washing face, etc. Open the window & air your room. Don’t read the news, don’t visit social network websites and don’t check your email yet. That all can be done later. Morning is for you only.
  • Do something pleasant in the morning. Make a cup of your favorite coffee, read a book or have a calm breakfast.

What Else To Be Done In The Morning

Of course, everything is individual here, but there go some recommendations:

  • Think on your goals and estimate your progress;
  • Go in for sports;
  • Meditate;
  • Read something;
  • Go for arts;
  • Spend some time with your loved ones.

You can not to wake up early sometimes, but don’t feel upset because of that. Feel glad for you sleeping longer, and then go for your regular activities. Put more efforts tomorrow.

Awakening: Frequently Asked Questions

What About Weekends?

Weekend Early Morning

Everything depends on you here. But while you only try to develop a habit of waking up early, it is better not to change your new regime even on weekends. Once you are sure in yourself, sleep a bit longer, there’s no problem.

For How Many Days in a Row it is ok to Get Up Later?

When you only try to get used to your new schedule, don’t miss more than 1-2 days, otherwise it will be difficult for you to come back to early awakenings. If you get up early during a month or more, nothing will happen if you miss 2-3 days.

What About Journeys?

Don’t be too strict to yourself. Try to keep with your regime. If you see you can’t make it, just do what you need as you planned before.

What if Friends Invite Me to a Party?

Great! Hang out, and don’t try to get up at your regular time. Sleep as long as you need, and get back to your regular schedule on the next day.

To teach yourself to get up early you need some time. Start from something easy & you’ll make it, for sure.

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