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How to Start Writing Posts, Essays, Articles and Books

While developing business, one uses different ways of communication with their clients: private conversation, phone calls, presentations and so on. When developing something on the paper or in the Internet, the main communicative channel is the written one (email posts, blogs, articles, books, etc.) so it’s impossible for anybody not to have writing skills here.

Many people think they need a special talent of a writer, so they can’t even think about starting to do something. “It’s not for me!”, they say.

Myths About Writing

Writing Myths

There are widespread myths which don’t allow potential writers to start writing their texts, or making business by creating essays or books.

Myth 1. If I’m not a writer, I won’t make it.

First thing to understand: you don’t need to be a pro in order to start writing. It’s just a skill of expressing your thoughts with the help of written text what is needed. As we all know, any skill can be gained, developed and improved. It’s important to learn how to transform your thoughts into words clearly and understandably. This is easy to get, really.

What is the most complicated? To start. To write one’s first article, first essay text, first blog post, first chapter of the book. The further you go then, the better your skill will become. Shaping your thoughts seems to be difficult, but later on you’ll do that in text automatically.

Myth 2. If there were troubles with writing compositions at school, I can do nothing well.

As the experience says, there is no any serious connection between being able to provide a successful blog and a person’s school marks in English & literature. Numerous successful bloggers and writers told about their marks to be bad in the past. But now they successfully write serious articles and interesting books.

Myth 3. You need a pro-education in order to write something worth money.

When a person describes any product or service, or when someone writes an essay or a book, a personal style of storytelling is what matters the most. Your private look onto something is what could really interest the potential reader. It’s not obligatory to be a professional and experienced writer in order to create a text which is worth attention.

Additionally, potential clients and readers will trust you more, if your text will be of a clear style. It is more understandable, people got used to it long ago. So, just give it to them.

Still, it will be much easier to start, if you look at the topical recommendations of those who are already experienced in this field. You won’t do serious newbie mistakes due to this, and your beginning will pass faster and smoother.

Here are the main instruments of any writer (especially if you develop your creativeness online) nowadays:

  • - email sends;
  • - blog;
  • - Twitter;
  • - forums;
  • - essays;
  • - articles;
  • - online electronic books.

In order to master these instruments successfully, one should develop real writing skills, allowing the writer to express thoughts through the text correctly, and to shape it all according to proper tasks of every text.

Developing Writing Skills

Writer Skill Improvement

How can one develop this skill? There are few ways.

Way 1. Provide Writer’s Diary.

Start providing your personal diary. It is obligatory to be written on a paper, do not start it online or on the laptop. How does it work? Once your day comes to an end, you sit down and describe the events which had happened to you that day. Analyze everything, write down your thoughts and conclusions.

People mostly find it a bit difficult to write down something important during their first tries. But these problems are similar to those with any new activity the human wants to go in for.

As soon as you get through this barrier, you’ll notice your text flows out onto the paper much easier than it used to be few days back.

Way 2. Dictaphone Recording

First, invite your good friend to drink a cup of tea together, and then describe him or her a topic you want to tell your audience. Record your conversation on a dictaphone. Then listen to your recording and write your words from there down. Process the text, and you’ll see you’ve got an article.

Expressing one’s thoughts is not that difficult. You’ll not need this intermediate “dictaphone stage” later in future, you just need it at the start in order to see that you CAN.

Way 3. Gather Your Ideas

Start a notebook (or a separate text file on your laptop) where you can put your new ideas and interesting thoughts. They’ll become your fundament in further writing of your texts, essays or even books.

Writing down your ideas on a regular basis you’ll notice there are more and more of them appearing. You’ll feel yourself happy because of being surrounded by the field which is full of your own original thoughts.

Way 4. State and Develop Writing Ideas at Once

Take stating and writing down your ideas at once as your personal rule. Then, sit down and expound these ideas detailly, develop them as soon as you’ll get some free time. This is how your drafts will appear, which can later be shaped into an article, essay, blog post or even book.

So, as you can see, the main thing is to overcome your fear. And to start. Then – it is obligatory not to turn back in a face of difficulties and internal resistance, because your creativeness is worth it!

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