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Good Mood: Advice List

Here are the 15 ways to get your mood better. Choose something for you and never be upset again!

Look Through Old Photos

Old Photos Mood Advice

Once you start feeling upset, open an album with pictures illustrating pleasant moments of your life. Happiness hormones will be thrown into your organism as if you just ate some good chocolate! British scientists provided a research, in which they compared how a chocolate, an alcohol, music, TV and old photos influence on human’s mood. Music and chocolate didn’t have any effect, alcohol and TV were quite weak (1%), and looking through old photos made someone’s mood better in 11% of cases.

So, make your favorite photos to be a background on your computer’s desktop or take a look at them from time to time.

Chew Nuts, Eat Salmon

You should always have some nuts somewhere nearby to eat them when needed. And try to add some salmon into your dishes. These products both contain omega-3 fats which make people less sensitive to depression and more peaceful.

Calming Smells

Place some aromatic lamps or candles into your room. There was an Austrian research when two groups of people worked in rooms where aromas of orange and lavender were sprayed at the same time. As a result, these people were more positive and calm if to compare with participants who were not affected by smells.

Open Windows

Let sunlight flow into your room once you wake up. There was a research on 450 women, which shoed those who awake under the bright sunlight felt themselves more cheerful and full of energy. Don’t you have time to stay in bed? Well, then eat your breakfast or have some exercises near the open window. Scientists say the combination of physical load and bright sunlight to improve human’s mood and general body tonus.

Walk on Fresh Air

If you study at home or school, you should obligatory go for a walk at least three times a week. Fresh air increases one’s performance, gets out of insomnia and depression problems.

Do Exercises

Do a couple exercises if you’ve got some time. Somebody finds it difficult to switch from one kind of activity to another, especially if they’re in a bad mood. But keep in mind: just a small effort and you’ll start smiling. The trick is to choose the right training. Bringing huge powers to fight your upset feelings makes no sense. Go for something easy: home routine deeds, for instance. Think of it to be the way to get a psychological rest, not the exercise,
If you feel angry, go in for something that won’t let you focus on your thoughts: aerobics or badminton, for instance. They’ll make you learn new moves and forget about heavy and bad emotions.

Put Things into Order

Chaos is what reminds you about things which had to be done, but were forgotten. That is the reason why you might feel yourself a looser. To solve this quickly, clean surfaces at home or where you often spend your time. Sort everything to folders, boxes and baskets. Even the illusion of order can be enough for you to feel yourself free.

Think Fast

If someone just irritated you, rapidly think about all their positive features. If there is nothing on your mind, go to negative ones. Scientists say fast thinking speeds brain’s chemical processes up and simply distresses an irritated person.

Comedies or Funny Videos

Sincere laughing launches chemical reactions which instantly make your mood better, decrease pain and stress, improve your immunity functions.

Shopping Satisfaction

No, don’t get armed with your credit card at once! Remember, it is worth spending money on impressions, not on things. People who prefer going to any concert or restaurant are a lot happier than those who just buy useless things. Bonus: you can spend some time with your close people as well.

Look Happy

Smile and a satisfied face CAN make you happy. If you behave like a self-confident and cheerful person, you’ll finally become one.

Have a Rest

Peace and silence can bring you joy, too. Scientists call it natural for humans to wish being alone sometimes. Give yourself a break during a tough day: think about your plans for a weekend while sitting on a chair with your eyes closed.

Talk to Your Friends

Fiends Good Mood Advice

Talking to a cheerful person makes you more cheerful, too.

Cut Vegetables

Cook something what is not easy to be cooked (at the same time it should be a useful dish). Cookery neutralizes negative emotions, just like yoga and meditation do.

Do Good Things

People involved into charity are more satisfied with their lives and happier, even if their activity is quite low. Join any charity organization or find other ways to help people. Charity is what develops features which make humans value all good that is in their life.

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