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Blog - Page 9

Lessons from Japan

Japan Lessons

Japan is a wonderful country. Not only because of its nature and landscapes, but because of people living there. We would like to tell about things and skills which our western people could learn from Japanese men and women.

Writer’s Mistakes p. 2

Writer Without Inspiration

Simple math: if to write every day, you will have 20-30 pages of text in a month; if to wait for the inspiration, you will have nothing. Of course, sometimes it is extremely difficult to move yourself towards the computer, yet if your story is really interesting for you, this interest is exactly the thing which will become your constant inspiration sooner or later.

Writer’s Mistakes

Writing Failure

Writing is the way of practice. One can get a professional education in the field, read lots of learning literature and useful articles and so on. But theory does not always help once it all comes to the writing process itself. It is difficult to get through the jungle forest of information and to use theoretical knowledges while writing, especially if there is no experience behind one’s back.

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