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How to Live Long and Happy: 100 Pieces of Advice From 100-Year Old People Part 1

Everyone wants to know the secret of a long and happy life. The point is that there are lots of secrets. Every long-living person has own rules and habits, which can be opposite to each other sometimes.

Long Happy Life

In 2011, 100-year old Ruth told that she goes in for Pilates since being 92, and gave next pieces of advice:

  • 1. Stop looking into calendar. Value every single day you live.
  • 2. Choose quality things that never get out of fashion.
  • 3. Movement is the key to remain young. Make yourself go outside to walk around your house at least.
  • 100-Year Old Doctor Who Still Consults Patients, Shared Quite Surprising Tips:

    4. There is no need in physical activities at all, they are often being overestimated.
  • 5. Forget about vitamins and don’t visit doctors too often.
  • 6. Get in love. Get married. Have sex.
  • These tips about love, forgiveness and life came from another woman who celebrated 100-s birthday:

    7. Even if you feel hate, don’t let it go out. Never hurt others.
  • 8. Never stop believing in love.
  • 9. You are the one responsible for your life.
  • 10. Don’t be afraid of tears, find time to cry it all out.
  • 11. Travel while being young and having energy. Don’t worry about money, experience matters much more.
  • 12. Don’t compare yourself to others. It is true to say: “Good place is the one we are not in”.
  • 13. If you are ashamed to meet a person, break your relationships.
  • 14. Do a thing for yourself every day.
  • 15. Don’t be greedy.
  • 16. Forgive.
  • 17. Find something that really excites you, and go in for it.
  • 18. Remember: things often get all right by themselves.
  • 19. Choose right mentors.
  • 20. Have a pet. We all get lonely sometimes, and animals can remind us about the fact we are still living.
  • 21. It doesn’t matter what religion you choose. What matters is choosing what you believe in, and keeping up to that during life.
  • 22. Learn how to adapt to any situation.
  • 23. Give yourself time to be upset about losing something.
  • For a 100-Year Old Adrine Lee, the Key to Long Life is in Four Rules:

    24. Go for your goals and never give up.
  • 25. Make yourself move.
  • 26. Drink water.
  • 27. Do not die just because you want to die.
  • Here are tips on getting happy:

    28. Life is a cool thing, but everything depends on a human. You don’t have to be happy all the time, you need to be satisfied.
  • 29. Love people around. Find something good in everyone.
  • Education is the main thing for someone:

    30. Margie Hammargren says it is essential to get an excellent education: it is what always remains with you.
  • Another long-living person gave next advice list:

    31. Be optimistic.
  • 32. Train every morning.
  • Some 100-year old people provide even more active way of life than 20-year old persons. For instance, Elsa Bailey) — is a passionate lover of ski-sports. She gave next hints to youth:

    33. Be active. The thing is to eat healthy, to move and to spend time breathing fresh air.
  • 34. If you keep positive, you’ll make it all. If you thing negatively, you poison your life. Smile more, as laughter is the best cure on anything.
  • Sardinia Island is known for being a place where long-livers are. Here are words they tell about health:

    35. “I haven’t been taking any cures for years. I don’t think medicine could help.”
  • 36. Don’t die too early.
  • Lots of Long-Livers Share This: 

    37. Don’t stop and just keep going to your goal.
    Living Long
  • 38. Take part in your town’s life.
  • 39. Communicate with different people. It can charge you with energy.
  • 40. Always keep moving forward.
  • They often believe exercises to be useful:

    41. “I think my life is that long because I’ve always been walking a lot.” – one man says.
  • 42. Go in for anything you can: ballet, thai-chi, yoga, and other things.
  • And some of them prefer living like rock stars:

    43. Dorothy Howe thanks to whiskey and cigarettes for her health. She says her doctor told that she’d never lived to that age without alcohol and tobacco.
  • Shigeaki Hinohara, a 105-year old doctor, shared many interesting tips.

  • 44. We all remember times, when we preferred playing rather than sleeping and eating while being children. Do the same thing as adult: don’t overload your life with rules too much.
  • 45. It is not obligatory to go on retirement. Still, if you have to, do that much later than your 65.
  • 46. If a doctor recommends you to pass through the surgery or any painful procedure, ask them if they’d recommend that to their relatives. Doctors can’t cure every illness, so why should you make yourself go through unnecessary trials? Music and zootherapy can help better than medics usually think.
  • 47. Walk through stairs to remain healthy.
  • 48. Robert Browning’s poem Abt Vogler” is inspiring. In this poem, there are thoughts about the great art, and about that everyone has to try “drawing” a big circle during his or her life, the circle so big that it is impossible for it to be finished. We can see only a high vault, and the rest is beyond our eyes.
  • 49. The best way to forget about pain is to hang out and to get pleasure.

The next advice list with more tips will come in an upcoming article!

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