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10 Reasons for a Student to Go in for Sports

Student’s Sport Training

Sports, training, morning runs, and healthy lifestyle: what do you think about that?

Somebody likes it, somebody does not, and others are indifferent about this field. But no matter what, you need to know that people who go in for sports have certain advantages, and we are going to talk about them in this article. But first, let’s say a word about a sedentary lifestyle.

Do you know that according to medical researches, an average norm of movement for an average human is 15 thousand steps per day (nearly 10 km)? Do you walk or run that distance daily? For sure, not many people can answer that question affirmatively.

You go to the university in the morning, then you have to sit on your lectures during the day. In the evening you come back home, have some rest and go to sleep. This is how your days look like, except of weekends.

If your daily schedule is not like the example described above and you exercise regularly or you were able to build your schedule somehow, accept our congratulations. But agree, that there are much more people having a passive way of life than those who have their days maximally active.

And a sedentary way of life leads to not that pleasant consequences like apathy, low tonus, lack of will etc. And one’s physical shape is far from being the best in that case.

Once more: we do not try to make all people equal, but speak about the biggest part of us.

Still, many people not only refuse to go in for sports, but they do not even think about that, though sports are excellent for keeping oneself shaped and for staying healthy. And as we all know, a person gets interested in something if to show him or her real profits of this or that activity. That is why we are going to talk about profits and advantages coming out of going in for sports.

10 Reasons for Students to Go in for Sports

The First Reason

And the main one: it is about your health, of course. People who exercise sports (even if they are not pro sportsmen) have much better health than those who refuse them. And that is not an accident: exercises strengthen your heart, normalize your blood pressure, have a positive impact for all the systems of your organism, and improve brain activities as well as slow down the process of getting old.

The Second Reason

It is about your good mood, supported by sports exercises. After physical activities, a person always feels more energy, even if being physically tired; their mental state is great, and a life tonus is maximally active. They do not accidentally think sports to be the best cure for a depression, as they help to look onto troubles from another viewpoint, to make a step away from them for some time. And this helps your mind to rest, too.

The Third Reason

Sport strengthens your self-esteem and your beliefs about your own possibilities, develops your will and makes you stronger as a person. In many cases, training is closely connected to dealing with your weaknesses and working on your limits, reviewing your values and many other things that make your mind and body stronger.

The Fourth Reason

It is quite banal, but still very important: filling your organism with oxygen. While you do various exercises, your organism starts consuming more oxygen and filling every cell of your body with it. This improves your reaction, muscles and blood carrying system.


The Fifth Reason

It is one of the most pleasant, as it is connected directly to your appearance. If you could look for info in the Internet for instance, you can find there many examples of people totally changing their appearance: getting their muscle mass, stopping to be eternal “skeletons” and big ones, and turning into persons with an amazing body. This is what can be the greatest motivation for many newbies. Additionally, a beautiful body can help you improve your private life. And of course, one should not forget about their personal and spiritual growth.

The Sixth Reason

Your sleep gets normal. Systematized going in for sports ensure you to have healthy sleep, and this stimulated your organism to produce endorphins that make you free of mental tension and stresses, prevent insomnia and depression.

The Seventh Reason

The seventh reason was mentioned shortly before when there was a talk about one’s weight. Sport exercises are excellent to control your appetite. Here you should remember about endorphins once again, as they are something similar to safety switches here: they block your hunger when needed and activate it only when your organism really needs to be charged. So, when going in for sports, you can stop both eating not enough and consuming too much food.

The Eighth Reason

It is about the fact, that sport is the way to stand against your chronical tiredness, to improve your stress resistance abilities, to increase your internal life energy storage and to support your excellent mood. When visiting gym, making runs, and doing exercises, you make yourself stronger before external circumstances and routine pressure. Every day becomes full of reasons and wills to achieve your goals while walking through your life bravely, with no fear.

The Ninth Reason

It is about the organism’s ability to recover itself from various injuries, serious diseases, surgery operations, etc. It is interesting, that sports works in any case, no matter if you had any health troubles before you start going in for sports or vice versa: you can always notice that positive influence, as your body becomes stronger that it used to be before.

The Tenth Reason

Here we can mention the whole lifestyle in general. When you start going in for sports, you can initiate serious changes for your body, your mind and your life. There are many cases that confirm this to be possible. Sports can be called as a therapy. Many people thought their lives to be dark with no light at the end of the tunnel. They started to notice that weak flame some months after, and came to their personal harmony and happiness with time.

Additionally, sports helps you get rid of harmful habits, change your environment, make new friends and even find your love. No matter what, sport is only about positive qualities. Nothing bad can be said about any of its kinds.

Student’s Sports Gym

Every person can have their reason to go in for sports; the main point is to find them. And there really is a huge quantity of examples. Fragile and tiny girls going to martial arts club in order to be able to defend themselves; people having strong injuries of their muscles, bones or nerves who start going in for gymnastics or even yoga, etc.

Yes, they all are to work hard, but soon there is no any sign of their past injuries. People who start “building” their bodies have serious advantages not only in physical abilities, but in their mental state as well.

Remember that you should not have any special skills or knowledges to start going in for sports. Your sex, age, education, financial status, or anything else means nothing here. The only thing that matters is your will and ability to find enough internal power to make your first step towards sport.

Make it, and let your sport become your passion. Then you will feel yourself healthier and stronger that other people even when you become a greybeard. And the main point is about you being stronger and healthier than yourself in your past.

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