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Writing for Money: Pros and Cons

Writing Job

The Internet became a place where such job as writing articles for money exists. It is considered one of the most stable, reliable and profitable internet work without monetary investment. How much can you earn if you write articles for money online? It all depends on your desire and productivity. We have prepared several tips how not to be tricked and how to save one’s rights. Give it a look.

What Are the Benefits?

Your salary depends on many parameters: the speed of your compilation of texts, the speed with which you are printing, the quality of your articles, their subject and so on. Many writers that only begin their career dream about such opportunity. Working for independent sites a young professional or even a student can gain a valuable experience. Moreover, such writing creates a sense of responsibility and demands observance of copyright rules. You can show your originality and writing style even through ordinary topics. Also very often you can get comments and feedback about your articles. People can discuss the text and it may draw attention of specialists to the job done.

Can It Be Harmful?

However, sometimes writing for money can be harmful for your creativity. People who order articles from you can be confident in their opinions only and force you to show particular topic in the needed light. The ideology of their minds may harm yours and eventually your ability to be independent in your thinking can melt away. Also your writing may be copied by some writers who hasn’t got the same talent, ambitions and imagination. The violation of writer’s rights can be made without your knowledge. So selling papers you should be prepared that your customers can not specify you as an author or publish an article completely under different name. Of course, this is an unpleasant incident that may occur, however, it is one of the downsides of being a remote writer.

How to Improve the Process?


Try to check the company you work for in order to make your pieces of writing worth attention. Talk to people who have written texts or articles and sold them to these people. Read the reviews on this site. Perhaps, it will help you to make a decision about a particular company. In addition, if you are given the choice of topics write about what interests you and that is important for young or older ones too. Be aware of your rights. If you expect to keep the attribution of authors’ work, you must discuss it with the company before you start working for them. Do not pay for any test tasks as it could be a trap for unexperienced writers. An atmosphere of trust is the most important factor that should exist in your relationships with the online boss.

Be careful and then writing for extra money will be a fun experience!

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