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Words Matter

Word … such an easy thing and a simultaneously powerful gun in a human’s hands. How many lives were built and destroyed due to it? How many positive and negative effects has the word caused in the history?

Its influence is really strong and visible. Look! Only one word makes person happy or sad, begins a quarrel or an eternal love, inspires to gain new horizons or dig anyone into the ground, it kills or resurrects.

To evaluate the positive influence of word force, you should know all the details of negative one.

The well-spread demonstration of adverse attitude is a destructive thinking or critique. That is the most dangerous behavior style.

Effects of the Destructive Critique

The effects of the destructive critique are the next:

  • It reduces your self-esteem.
  • It impoverishes your own image.
  • It blows up the results of the job you do.
  • It undermines the self-respect and self-confidence. Person begins thinking of bad demonstrations and facts of life only.
  • It grows up the tension in relations between people, at work, in career, during the rest.
  • It gives a way to make mistakes and to err without realizing the probable results.
  • It may force a person to give up achieving his/her aims and go ahead.
  • It makes you feel incompetent and incapable to deal with the daily tasks. This leads to demonstration of anger, offence, insult, and desire to hate and to revenge. Soon there come all possible consequences.

A Person Being Criticized

Destructive Critics in an Everyday Life

Usually there appear the relationships between parents and their children under attack, but also communication between colleagues, friends and even strange people at the street. For example, children don’t eager to go to school anymore because they are criticized by other children in a class. They begin hating everything connecting with school or people, who blame them. School becomes the source of pain and sorrows. As a result such children soon can get involved to bad companies. The same happens with adults but with more serious circumstances. The destructive critique diminishes the value of each important thing in human’s life. It reduces the potential and energy to strive for better like career, family, travelling, and self-development.

Psychological Diseases

The top problem of negative thinking may cause the psychological diseases. Therefore, people suffer so often from the doldrums and mental depression, indifference and even the desire to die. The habit to criticize bears the new wave of unsure generation with broken spirit and it will to change the vicious circle. A Person with a Psychotherapist

Ways to Control Thinking

There are some ways how to control and find out your way of thinking and criticizing level.

Ask yourself honestly:

  • How often you swear a day?
  • How often you want to get rid of everything from your life?
  • Who do you like chatting usually? And do you talk at all? What do you talk about?
  • How often do you smile to your relatives/ friends/ close people/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ strangers at all?
  • What words do you usually use in speech? For example, friends/ fortunately/ to do the best and so on or unfortunately/ hope so/ maybe/ against and so on
  • Do you feel embarrassment or disguise talking with people?
  • How often do you hug people?


A person with a positive thinking will not be able to answer these questions and, probably, will laugh. If you have noticed that you swear a lot, talk only about bad things like catastrophes, diseases, problems in life, lack of money, you feel disgust to surrounded people, and you rarely give hugs to others – SOS. You need to overview the way of thinking and ask yourself: Don’t you destroy the lives of others with your behavior?

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