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The Necessity of the Memory Improvement

With time the ability to remember necessary facts reduces. There develops a risk not to mind huge amount of information. Today it becomes a problem and transforms to such diseases as a variation of sclerosis or brain fart.

There Is No Elixir of Eternal Memory

Scientists-neurologists in a whole world investigate this question. There were hundreds medicines of the chemical origin found to improve the memory and lots of the methods to control the declining process of memory. Unfortunately, they still didn’t find an elixir of eternal memory.


Top-10 Tips for Effective Memory

We have chosen simple and useful tips for you to enhance your memorizing ability.

  • Remind yourself to remember the important information.

    It is a strange step, but still effective. Try to remind yourself to remember definite fact and amazingly you’ll make it better. Such way you will train your mind to concentrate and discipline as it is necessary. Don’t ask friends to remind you doing something. It is an insecure thing. They may forget it also.

    Remind yourself
  • Make analogues with body parts.

    Some people usually write the small hints or images on the side of the palm of the hand. It can be a cross, a question mark, an exclamatory mark or whatever. The prior aim of it is to recall in a memory at definite time doing something important or an obliged task.

  • Just concentrate.

    Often it helps to remember. Ability to concentrate on the task gives the excellent results. The working efficiency increases significantly.

  • Retell.

    Tell a small story of things you need to remember. Probably it could be incoherent elements, but still your mind will tie them in a lace of sequence. This method really helps for men going shopping. The list of goods needed to buy can be transformed into a creative funny story.

  • Key words or make associations.

    There are some words or phrases that are quite complicated to remember. Try to find the analogue situation, sound or person, thing that will help you to remind the word. For example, a well-known gadget “bluetooth” may be remembered as a picture of blue tooth. Association with tooth may mind you the title of gadget.

    The Tree of Associations
  • Memory palace or loci method

    This method was used in Ancient Rome earlier. So the principal of it is next: you mentally go along the street or in the room and touch the things around and leave the information near the signs you know perfectly. When you will need the information you come back and recall it through acquainted signs.

  • Divide information into the blocks.

    Huge amounts of information can be divided into small paragraphs or blocks and name them. That will ease your work to remember.

  • Holmes’ method.

    Pretend to be Sherlock Holmes and restore information through the details you have. Deductive method is helpful for those who have analytical thinking.

  • Remember the aromas.

    Scientists suppose that smells are a powerful instrument to recall from the memory even the deepest reminiscence. For example, mint aroma may remind you the needed information during the exams if you use it while preparing to.

  • Remember through the music.

    Some people easily remember the facts through singing songs or listening to music. Incredibly, but fact!

The newest investigations concern that drinking green tea, watching funny videos, having a good eight-hour sleep, writing information not taping in on the gadget, but writing down by hand and watching your posture will also contribute to successful remembering.

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