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Dealing with Tough Profs: Survival Tips

Usually, your studying process will have 3 participants: you (a student willing to spent minimum time learning and to get the best grades), the material, which needs to be learnt (typically, next to impossible for grasping) and the professor (the person setting quests and traps on your way to the bright future). Although professors must be the mediums between the students and new information for studying, sometimes they are appearing not to help at all. However, before blaming your professor you should clarify if they are bad teachers or you are just too lazy to study well. If you are sure that you are the perfect student, check the types of profs, which you may come across during your college studies.

Type #1. The one with obscure explanations

Professor and class

Imagine how you are coming to class with a fresh head and a strong desire to learn everything about today’s topic. However, once the instructor starts the lecture you feel that you are far from understanding the idea. Sometimes, bad understanding of the subject is now the problem of the students. Some teachers can appear to provide really inappropriate explanations although they may be superb specialists in this area. The reason of this is lack of pedagogical experience and skill to interest the student. In order to fix this issue, you can meet this professor personally during their office hours and to ask for a personal explanation of the question needed. Also, colleges usually have studying centers where you can get help from other specialists regarding your issue.

Type #2. The one with low grades

Some professors tend to give really low grades to all the students, which, for sure, may demotivate you. The reason for putting lower grades than other teachers is quite individual for every prof: some of them consider students as always “not smart enough”, others set too high demands that are almost impossible to reach. In order to deal with such professor and not get depressed, you should not be passive. If you are sure that you deserve a better mark you can discuss the received mark with this professor or ask him to give you an opportunity to retake the exam with a different specialist. In some cases, students are really able to find the mistakes made by profs, which lowered the grade.

Type #3. The one with a lot of assignments

Tired student

Homeworks and other assignments are unavoidable when you are in college so you should take them as granted. However, sometimes you may feel that all your life is made of homeworks – and this is the indicator of the type #3 professor. Some teachers consider that students should do most part of studying at home, additionally, they would give you all kinds of tasks to be done within the shortest deadline. Did you recognize your professor? If yes, you should do the following: ask which tasks costs the most points. There may appear some, which you would do without any benefit for your grade. If you have got such assignments feel free to skip them and do those ones, which are worth the highest amount of points.

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