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The Jobs You Will Be Surprised to Learn about

There are quite unusual things that people get paid for. Learn about the list of unusual jobs, maybe you will find your dream job among them?

Professional “Sleeper”

Some hotels hire people to check if their rooms are comfortable enough for the visitors. The person who gets this job has to stay for a day in every room of the hotel and to point out on all the possible inconveniences.

To get this job a person has to have no sleeping problems, has to know a couple of languages and to have good writing skills, as a part of this job will be writing a blog about his/her experience in the hotel. So, if you are hired as a “professional sleeper”, you do not only get to stay in the best hotels and use all their services for free, but you also get paid for doing that!

Professional Sleeper

Ant Catcher

To get this job you have to be a strong professional who knows ant’s anatomy. The main requirement is to catch the best, strongest and healthiest ants and to put them in the artificial anthill (so-called ant farm). This actually is quite a responsible job, as some of those ants are used for medical purposes. Would you consider catching ants and earning some money for that?

Dream Seller

Nowadays there are special agencies that promise that they will make all your dreams come true! You “order” your dream and a team of strong professionals works hard for you. Of course, this service is quite expensive, the price depends on the ‘difficulty’ of the dream, but it always starts with a few thousands of dollars. So, are people who work in these agencies: contemporary businessmen or modern magicians and fairy godmothers?

Penguin “Turner”

There are people who work in Antarctica and whose job is to save those beautiful creatures. The thing is that it is almost impossible for a penguin to turn or to stand up if it falls on its back. Many of them are amazed by flying planes and lose their balance because of looking in the sky. They also fall down when the plane lands or takes off near them.

As people are the ones responsible for that, they also are the ones who fix this situation and help the penguins. You can even find this job in Guinness book of records!

Penguin Turner

Tester of The Water Slides

The main requirement of this job is to… slide! You have to check all the slides in the aqua park that hires you and to write about your feelings, giving your own evaluation to every water slide

One of the most famous testers is Tom Lynch, who has traveled all over the world, visited lots of aqua parks and tested hundreds of water slides. Sounds like a dream job for every child and for most of the grown-ups!


The number of monkeys in India is extremely high. You can see them everywhere, they walk freely around the city and most Indians do not even pay attention to those animals. But sometimes they get quite annoying or even dangerous.

Once, a large group of monkeys attacked a train station in a big city, they hit people and almost stopped the work of the trains. The solution was quite unusual and very simple. Now there is a man who wears a large monkey costume and runs around the train station. Children love it and want to play with him, while monkeys are frightened and run away.

Dog Walker

Do you think that walking your pet is the best hobby in the world? What if we tell you that making your hobby your main activity with the source of income can change all your view on this point? A dog walking job is being known for quite a long time already but we could not miss that aspect as it definitely belongs to the kinds of jobs that are worth paying attention to!

This job has grown so large that there are even online websites offering their services with a precise plan of the map, all needed breaks for your dog and even cute and sweet photos of your loving pet! Workers claim that they earn enough for their living and even have some time for pleasure as you only can choose this job if you really love walking a lot and hugging furry little critters.

Video Games Tester

A dream job for all fans of video games really EXIST! And it does not differ very much from their usual daily activities. However, you get paid for playing about 70 hours per week.

Your main task will be to test the game you have been chosen in multiple categories like to find flaws that crash gaming consoles, loop dialogues, freezing in games, erase progress, or skew visuals.

More of that, if you believe that to become a game tester is a piece of cake, take into account that this job is very competitive as many people dream of such job and even visit special schools for video game testing. So, if you think you are the right person, do not hesitate and write to Console Companies to have the coolest job!

Babyproofer (Childproofer)

Baby in Danger

Before you start laughing out loud wondering who will ever hire somebody to proof your kid we will explain: this job is really related to babies, however its main task is not to prove them but the surroundings in the house, yard and so on.

They call themselves the advanced certified professional babyproofers and claim to have the right skills to build and install child products so that the kid will not harm itself in any case. The job is concentrated on consulting parents about the kid’s safety as well. Who knows, maybe this job will be even more popular in the future but as we see it now, you can do everything you have interest in.

Greeting Cards Writer

Were you always wondering who was writing some awesome poems on the greetings card in the mall, where you rush 15 minutes before a celebration starts? Who is that superman putting all your thoughts and wishes into the rhythm and creating a good content for you?

It is not a hobby; such job really exists and the candidates even pass several tests to get hired for it. As you see not everyone but only a professional with a writing talent can take this position.

Want to get this position? Start it from small: get to writing a short poem and see how you progress. If you are skilled and lucky enough you will be able to join the group of advanced writers of the Greeting Card Association and write congratulations for thousands of people.

What is your favorite job around those? What would you do that is not stated here? Tell us, we would love to read your comments!

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