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Smartness: Benefits and Challenges

Knowledge seems to be a thing that we are struggling for throughout our life. We learn a lot at school, college, work and even at home or outside from unknown people. Therefore, we can consider that all the time we are striving to become smarter than we are now. There are some really clever people that we might adore but often they can appear to be not as happy as we would think about them. Before you run to the library for borrowing the next encyclopedia, check the advantages and disadvantages of being smart.

Pros of being smart:

  1. You are a valuable and desired worker at every company.

    People like cooperating with smart ones. What is more, employers like hiring clever people as they are able to improve the success of the company, are pleasant to work with, and appear to be more productive. If you care about your career consider life-long learning for yourself.

  2. You will be getting good grades in college.

    a nerd in college

    Although marks are not the most important indicators of a person’s success, it is definitely more pleasant to get A instead of D. Professors appreciate bright students and treat them with compliments, good marks and even diploma with honors, in the most special cases.

  3. Smart people appear to be more stress-resistant.

    As you have more knowledge about the world around you are more aware of the dangers and their effects. Sometimes, the factors, which seem to ruin your life, appear to be not so scary at all. The reasons for a stress in most cases are fake and easy to overcome. If you understand what is going on around you will be more capable of coping with difficulties.

  4. Solution-finding is a prerogative of smarts.

    Without having enough knowledge in the certain area you might feel unsure if you need to solve an issue. On the contrary, being armed with much facts, arguments and examples, you can compare the issues, develop alternative situations and find the solution, which is the most suitable for your case.

Cons of being smart:

  1. There is not much time for laziness.

    Lazy person

    If you like laying on the sofa for hours and staying in bed till noon, smartness is likely to be someone else’s priority, but not yours. You will need to work hard if you want to know a lot. Knowledge does not come by its own but you have to pursue it daily.

  2. Less opportunities to have fun.

    If you spend much time reading, learning and practicing your skills, you won’t be able to hang out with friends for too long, go to matches daily, play games etc. It means that you will have to reduce the time for entertainments and substitute some common activities with those ones that are more developing for you.

  3. Sometimes it can make you sad.

    By being aware and realizing more enormous concepts and processes, you can feel depressed. Not all the things around us happen as we wish them to be, and there are a number of global issues that cannot be solved.

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