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Would You Prefer a Tablet to a Book?

We have more and more devices around us today. Some of them are complementary and others are substituting things, which were so common for people during centuries. One of them is a tablet that can be used for a plenty of purposes and substitute a number of things and other appliances. According to the statistics, people that own tablets around the world are using them for reading the most often. This is a threat for existence and production of textbooks but some specialists state that the paper books will still remain in future. Here is our article about the pros and cons of using tablets instead of the books.

Pros of tablets compared to books.

A tablet, a person using tablet

  • The tablet is light and easy to carry. If you need to go somewhere with 5 books you will need a big backpack and strong arms to carry them. If you are using a tablet you can place hundreds of books in just one device and take them wherever you need. It is important when you are traveling abroad as you do no need to take an extra case for carrying your books.

  • Convenient to use. Tablets and applications for e-books reading are at very high level of development today. Factually, you can make any manipulations: highlighting the paragraphs, adding your notes, inserting your own text, reviewing the book in different fonts, sizes and colors. It is exceptionally important when you need to dig deep in your book and elaborate it properly. When you are using a paper copy of the book you may feel not comfortable with writing in it or making highlights.

  • Tablets are cheaper. If you calculate how much you need for buying all the books, journals and articles that you might need during at least 5 years the price for a tablet will appear really low. What is more, nowadays there is a big variety of them so you do no need to overpay but can just select the one with the functions that you need.

  • They help to save environment. It is a well-known fact that paper production brings a huge damage to forests, in particular, and our environment, in general. When we produce less paper we have more oxygen to breath.

Cons of using a tablet.

Books, reading a book, library

  • A book will not cause any health issues. Books are healthy to use. You will not get any harmful effect on your health when you are using a paper copy of the book. This has been verified by millions of people throughout the centuries while we still do not know all the effects of tablets and other devices like them.

  • Tablets require proper internet connection. You will not get a lot of use of your device when you are not connected to the internet. You will constantly need to download new files, applications and update the old ones in order for them to work properly. However, the book works perfectly without the internet and even does not require charging it.

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