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Tools to Solve Troubles

Humans meet tens of questions and problems every day: from the easiest home living ones to the toughest and most complicated professional tasks. They often don’t have any strategy, they count on their previous experience, intuition and luck, and this principle does not always work. One should try using a whole set of tools in order to understand which one works out the best.

Here are some tools you can use at once.

  • 1. A Pen and Paper

    The greatest tools of all times. Though we all live in the age of computers and Internet, the best ideas have always appeared while one writes on a paper.

    Computer software is a beautiful way to solve your trouble, but still, the program is something to help one’s mind. Are you going to deal with a problem? Take a pen and a piece of paper and devote some time for searching and reflecting.

  • 2. A Book

    Problem Solving Book

    A book shouldn’t obligatory be connected to the topic of your trouble. Something of completely another field will fit here as well. This will help you look at the situation from the other side, and you’ll stop pushing on the trouble and yourself, too.

    Some topics may be connected. For instance, you can’t make business processes work. Maybe, you should read some books about leadership or mind development? Cognitive skills’ improvement causes the skill of thinking to get better and to lead your thoughts to their logical end. And it brings you a good mood, too.

  • 3. Help Request

    There are people who don’t consider this way, and they are wrong. If to show the problem in a certain way, you can cause one’s high interest about it. A friend or relative will feel pleasant to help you, and this means you can both solve the trouble and improve your relationships.

  • 4. Speaking Aloud

    Speak about the trouble aloud (alone or with friends). This helps you notice details human brain might miss sometimes.

  • 5. Careful Thinking

    What does it mean? Every thought appearing in your head should be led to its logical end. There shouldn’t be thoughts like “It is silly”, or “I see it won’t work already”. Once you started a thought, finish it.

    This way is not a guarantee of problem solving at once, but it lets you learn how to treat your thoughts carefully. So many ideas were lost because of one’s laziness and the lack of will to work with their mind.

  • 6. Meditation

    Meditating Person

    Do you feel troubled with the emotional overload and there is a noise inside your head which doesn’t allow you to concentrate? Meditation will help you deal with that.

  • 7. Intuition

    Follow it. No logic and critical thinking, just your intuition. The first thought, the first emotion, the first rush: notice them and trust them.

    More ways to solve troubles will come in our next article.

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