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Find Your Happiness Nearby

People often think happiness to be somewhere in future. But this perfect state is closer than we all might ever think. Read the following and live your happy life right now!

  • 1. Exercise More

    Exercises for Happiness

    Exercises provide the endorphins to come out, so training or just a short shopping tour will make you glad. Our authors never met a person after the training having a bad mood.

    Scientific proofs? We have them! Toronto University made lots of work with this topic, and analyzed at least 25 researches which proved physical activities to keep depression in fear.

    There was a good research where three groups of people suffering a depression were asked to try antidepressants, physical exercises or combination of both. It is easy to know that all three groups became happier. But was that happiness long?

    Six months later there were only 9% of relapses. Two other groups had their relapse level on 31 and 38%. Nearly one third of those people got into depression again.

  • 2. Positive Thinking Influences Your Performance Level

    Sounds too abstract, doesn’t it? If to consider factors influencing our happiness, like stress, troubles, successes, economic conditions, relationships and so on, only 10% of your long-term happiness cannot be predicted. The rest 90% depend on your perception of the world around.

    Positive thinking increases the level of productivity and creativity for 30%! The secret is to use positive thinking right now, not after becoming rich and successful person.

  • 3. Negative Thoughts are Trash

    Trash Can for Negativity

    There are people who are totally overwhelmed with their worries and they feel difficult to get rid of those thoughts. Madrid’s university research showed that writing negative thoughts on a paper and throwing it away helps to calm down a lot. You can cut or burn those manuscripts as well. But psychologists tell to do that regularly.

  • 4. Your Knowledge Means More than Your Achievements

    Thomas Gilovich, the psychologist of Cornel university, found out numerous reasons why knowledges and impressions mean more than gained things during his research.

    The first pleasant emotion after buying one’s new car, TV-set or computer can vanish rapidly after the look on new versions available. Knowledge and experience are more durable. They belong to us, they are special and able to prolong our happiness.

    And it is needed to visit new places constantly. This is the activity that leads to new impressions, experiences and knowledges.

  • 5. Write Down What You Are Thankful For

    Once waking up, think about something you feel gratefulness for. Try to pass through that feeling really, because our being thankful makes us happier.

    Researches on brain show that people tend to concentrate on negative things: worries, tragedies, losses and angers. Negativity is our default status.

    Rick Hanson is sure: having negative thoughts is a Stone Age mistake in our time. That is why it is needed to concentrate on all good and to especially underline everything people can be grateful about. There are different ways how to do that. Here are some ideas.

    Remind yourself about three things you are thankful for once you awake in the morning.

    Some people prefer writing these three things down in order to repeat them again and again.

    Use Twitter or Facebook if you have accounts there and tend to use social media.

    Thank your sweetheart for care or a colleague for coffee and help with a project.

    Try helping people you don’t know during some hours a week.

  • 6. Practice Consciousness

    What is consciousness? You just concentrate your attention on a present moment and estimate it objectively. Keeping consciousness became a popular trend in psychology and medical care branches nowadays. It can rise your mood up, lower the stress level, and lead to the life quality’s improvement if to practice it regularly.

    Focusing on a real moment, you can feel smells, touches and other physical feelings, and experience happy thoughts. It is a good way to forget about pest troubles and to stop thinking about dangers in future.

  • 7. Sleep is Useful

    Happy Sleep

    When you don’t have enough sleep, your negative emotions come out on top. That is what scientists concluded after a set of experiments. One of those researches is especially interesting. Scientists were investigating hippocamp, a part of a brain which processes positive thoughts. When a person has lack of sleep, this function doesn’t work properly. Bad thoughts start being literally preserved in our muscles.

    To show that, scientists asked students who didn’t sleep well for a long time to remember a list of words. As a result, students remembered 81% of negative expressions, and 31% of positive and neutral ones.

    Now we all know, why sleepy people are always in a bad mood.

  • 8. Devote Some Time to Help Others

    People buy huge houses, cars and phones, but this doesn’t make them happier if to look at a long-term perspective. Scientists found out, that when the human devotes some time or money on helping others, this influences a person’s own happiness.

  • 9. Concentrate on Life

    The heart goes where head takes it, and doesn’t care about legs.

    People often dream of a lottery win and about what they would buy if that occurred. They even think of charity. But they rare to never think about how much happier would they be. That is why it is important to set up priorities in order to live the life that one wants to live.

  • 10. Focus on Your Advantages

    Advantage Concentration

    Do you want to become open and brave?

    How do you use your personal advantages in order to make your and the others’ life better?

    Here are the key questions. People developing their strengths are a lot happier, as a rule. Realizing one’s potential by using personal advantages is one of the best ways of finding happiness and making the whole world better.

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