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A Quick Guide to Develop Self-Control

Eventually we all encounter a situation, when our goal seems too distant or even unachievable. Sometimes, for a passing grade, we have to study hard to understand the material of a class we simply are not interested in. It also happens that you have decided to go on a strict diet, but your hand seems to think otherwise and continues to steal cookies from the jar. In such moments it seems impossible to activate a self-control, your mind makes up excuses about how laziness is a personality trait, and thus completely incurable. Even though it seems hard to develop willpower, most certainly it is not impossible. In order to change, you only have to concentrate on a few simple steps.

Looking for motivation

Think clearly about what is stopping you from achieving your goals or dreams. Are you too lazy to complete your assignments, so that you are falling behind in a few subjects? Or maybe your health is suffering, and you simply have no willpower to begin your workout schedule? Look at yourself in the mirror and picture your future if you decide to change and take matters into your own hands, and then imagine what will happen if you continue with the old habits. Which one looks more appealing? If you think about it vividly enough, the choice becomes obvious, and it is time for the next step.

looking in the mirror

Organizing your time

How do you think all those people who seem to have it all together: job, health, studying and personal life, have earned so much success? They cannot be superheroes who control time, but they most certainly are masters at scheduling their life. They are able to put together a plan for the day, list all the tasks from most to least important, and, what is even more impressive, stick to it. Start from something simple: choose the same time to wake up every day, opt to eat more healthy food, spend your time more efficiently. Little by little you can add more tasks to your plan, and organize your life in such way, that you will become one of those superhero people that you admire so much.

checking wristwatch

Organizing your space

Even if you are punctual at fulfilling all of your tasks, it doesn’t mean that your life magically turned completely wonderful. The important thing is not to stop improving. Now it is time to organize your living space. From cleaning your flat, getting rid of the clothes you are not wearing anymore, to putting in order the files on your computer: there are a million of things you could do to make your life just a little brighter. And, of course, living space does not include only material things. It is time to quit your bad habits and stop connecting to the people that only poison your life. You will immediately feel better after managing the mess around you.

Keeping up with your promises

This is the most important step. Even if you feel like you have achieved willpower, the key is never to stop. Self-control needs constant training to thrive. The good news: one can never stop improving!

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