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Students as the Main Characters of the Books

Students’ life is full of fun, adventures, unexpected situations. It is the time when person becomes mature, time that has a huge influence on the entire life of each of us. It is not a surprise that students become characters of many fascinating books. Here are some of them which might be interesting for you and, who knows, maybe you will recognize yourself in one of the characters.

Students' books

David Lodge “Changing places”

Another name of this book is “The tale of two campuses”. This is a story about an exchange between two professors – one from an American and one from a British University. This is quite a regular practice for universities and there were no surprises before. But this time these two professors are so different, that when coming to a new place they make everyone around them – colleagues, students, wives get involved in amazing stories. The author promises that the end of the book will surprise you. Well, you will never know unless you read it and decide for yourself.

Robert Merle “Behind the glass”

This is a story about a future philosopher Daniel Con-Benedict, also known as Red Danny – a young rebel against suburbanity. Freedom, equality, brotherhood, hippy culture, free love, marihuana, alcohol – all that creates a background for the story which takes place in Nanter University in France. Some call this book a documentary of the legendary “youth revolution” of 1960s, which is definitely worth reading about.

Youth revolution

Jamie McGuire “My beautiful disaster”

This is a story about Travis – a handsome and popular young man, a champion of backstreet fights. There are many girls running after him and he has been dating lots of them, until one day he meets Abby – a mysterious and inaccessible girl, who catches his eye and might even be The one. Travis is telling her that he can win anyone on the arena, but he often has to act as he is weaker than he really is to make it more interesting for the audience. Abby doesn’t believe him and young people have a bet – if Travis loses even one hit, he will live for a month without having sex, however, if he wins, Abby will stay in his house for a month. Who wins the bet? Read “My beautiful disaster” and find out!

Philipp Rott “Goodbye, Columbus”

This was a first book of the writer, written when he was 26 years old, which brought him a National book award in 1960. It is a story about love of two young Jews, whose parents moved to America in search of better life for themselves and their children. The girl is a daughter of wealthy parents, who had worked hard to earn what they have now and who love their daughter and let her have anything she wants, as she had never disappointed them. The guy, however, is more independent from his parents and is not sure that he wants to achieve something. The book tells about their love and its crash in America of 1950s, and also presents the reader with five short stories, written with a great sense of humor and lots of lyricism.

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