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Mobile Apps: Travel with Ease

Travelling with Mobile

To think of it, there is not even a single student left, who hasn’t thought about running away from the hot noisy city during a summer vacation. While planning the trip you think of so many things like where to go? With whom? Should it be a sunny beach or take a backpack and go hiking? Wouldn’t it be better to go abroad and visit a few foreign countries? In that case, what the itinerary will be the best? What should you pack in your bag?

Anyway, there are so many things you must do that your head feels almost stuck with thoughts and ideas. Still, in order to make your journey light and pleasant keep an advice and use high technologies and let your smartphone (iPhone or whatever you take) be your help.

Offline Maps

“Google maps” is a useful app but sometimes you might be out of Internet connection. It is mostly common if you travel abroad and don’t have the local sim-card. Nevertheless, every city nowadays tries to make the maps of their place handy for tourists. So, if you decide to go to Paris, don’t forget to download the offline maps application on your device. Don’t waste your time on looking for the free Wi-Fi cafes and enjoy your trip.


Let’s move further, in case you are on budget one thing you can save money on is transport. You may try hitchhiking, but look up some information about the hitchhiking in the country you are heading for. If it is okay to hitchhike there that’s great. On the other hand, you may use the BlaBlaCar website to find some fellow travellers that can give you a drive for reasonable prices. Download the BlaBlaCar app on your mobile phone to be able to find a car wherever you are.


A Hostel

Next problem may be a hostel. Airbnb is another comfy application that may help you. This app gives you an opportunity to search for a cosy and comfortable place to stay for a night (or longer if you wish). The owners are usually run on their own small business and sometimes you may find a more or less big hostel with different size and capacity. Either you may find a Spanish exchange student somewhere in Austria that doesn’t speak German at all but has one or two rooms to offer you.


Summer is a season of new acquaintances. For example, you may try to join an Internet community that has interest in traveling and cultural and language exchange. Couchsurfing is a nice choice if you would like to hang out with locals, find someone to guide you in the city or host you for free. Couchsurfing application will inform you about all interesting events that are going on in the city you decided to visit.


Also, don’t forget about an offline dictionaries. That is the app that helps you during whole your trip. Especially, it is useful if you have no clue about the language of the country that you are going to visit. Remember to look up in the dictionary while shopping or you might buy something you didn’t expect to.

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