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Healthy Eating: Where to Start?


Have you ever thought about how much really useful food your body receives in order to maintain the normal functioning? Malnutrition is a cause of many diseases, ailments, general weaknesses. Any organism is a constantly working construction. Every minute some cells die, while others appear and continue to support vital functions. And for normal operation, they should receive a variety of materials - vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you deprive your body with at least one of these substances - it will start to “fall apart”. Especially this issue concerns the young ones. To stop complaining about the deterioration of health, you need to change a lot in your life. It is a long and grueling process. So you should start with small - train yourself to eat right.

What Do Professionals Advise?

Most of the products must supply the body with energy and useful components. Therefore, nutritionists advise to include in the diet grains and low-fat meat. Also, it’s recommended to eat boiled or baked meat instead of the fried. Vegetable fats are found in nuts, avocados, olive oil. Omega-3 oils can be derived from oily fish - they reduce the risk of inflammations and diseases. Moreover, dried fruits and dark chocolate completely replace candies. Fresh foods - vegetables, fruits, berries - are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. You can also eat dairy products - low-fat or 1% fat. To replenish the body's need for calcium, it is necessary to drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day.

First Steps

Person Opens a Fridge

If you look objectively at the current technological conditions, a healthy diet seems more like a myth - to eat absolutely healthy food you have to get a vegetable garden and a small farm somewhere in the ecologically clean area. However, trying to improve the diet, of course, is a possible thing to do. First of all, get rid of damaged and expired products in your fridge. You'll have to say goodbye to the sausages, mayonnaise, and stale meat. In general, the presence of the "right" food only in the fridge is the first step to ensure that the healthy diet will be a successful one. However, drastic changes are a big shock. The gradual transition to a healthy diet will provide more long-term results. To begin with, you can replace the usual harmful product every week with useful and nutritious one. For example, if it's summer, so why don’t you start eating vegetable salads, dressed with vegetable oil? Forget about foods that are high in salt, fat meat, drinks with high sugar content (this certainly applies to your favorite sweet soda).

Breakfasts and Drinks

Many of us prefer to omit to eat in the morning. However, this is a huge mistake. Breakfast is one of the main meals of the day. In the morning, the body is in the need of nutrients mostly, so throughout the day the organism can maintain the activity and vigor. If in the morning you do not feel hunger, it is likely because of solid dinner. Remember: dinner should be light! Besides, between dinner and bed time there should be no less than three hours. So try not to eat after six o’clock, if you go to bed at nine. Get used to drinking at least a liter of water per day. A good alternative could be a cup of green tea. By the way, it contains a lot of caffeine and antioxidants, so it can replace coffee. Start your morning with a glass of water before you begin doing your usual morning routine. Also, always carry a bottle of water with you. This eliminates the temptation of buying a bottle of sweet soda or lemonade.

However, there are exceptions to any rules. You should always take into account the characteristics of your organism. So before you completely give up the usual food, consult with a dietician. Health is too precious thing to neglect.

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