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Secrets of Efficiency by Nicola Tesla

Effective Work

There is a huge number of legends about Nicola Tesla. Scientists are still arguing. Among themselves, only one thing is certain that Nicola Tesla is a great scientist. His principles of work are fascinating. He could hardly sleep, but his efficiency was not falling. The fact that Tesla’s approach to work is, indeed, a model of efficiency is proved by the long list of his inventions. He saw the goal and moved toward it, ignoring the usual rules and comments of the professors. Nicola Tesla understood the nature of the main components of the success. These are the hard work, continuous learning, the strength of will and intuition. His incredible experiences and emotions were under the control of the incredible willpower.

Focus on the Details

Tesla believed that one cannot begin to embody the idea as long as the project is not thought out to the smallest details. This does not mean, that you have to hang up on little things, trying to bring them to the perfect form. You have to think out the basic principles to the smallest details. In such a way, you will become more attentive, and all actions will be analyzed several moves ahead.

Use Your Intuition

Tesla believed that the natural human sensitivity to surroundings is very important. People used to forget it and ceased to hear and listen to their inner voice. Of course, the scientist relied exclusively on proven facts and information in his experiments. His intuition only told him how successful the invention will be and what else will be needed to correct.

Remember About the Will

Nicola Tesla decided to begin to train his willpower after he had read the novel “The Son of Aba”. At first, these were simple actions. For example, if he had something tasty to eat, he gave these to someone else. He kicked his bad habits, such as gambling, smoking and drinking coffee. As a result, the contradiction between the desire and the will smoothed out, and he came to the harmony with the environment.

You Should Be Persistent

Nicola Tesla woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning and studied until 11 o’clock in the evening seven days per week. You should work on yourself constantly. If an idea comes to your mind, you have to test it, even if your teacher is convinced of the opposite. This is the way the Tesla’s electromotor was born.

The Physical Strength Is Also Important

Physical Fit

Nicola Tesla maintained the excellent physical shape and led a restrained lifestyle. These gave him quite a long life (86 years) and a good health, despite the fact, that he had been on the brink of death three times in his childhood.

Actually, this list does not have any new information, just an example of Nicola Tesla and his achievements amaze the imagination. Now the impossible does not seem so impossible. You barely should think over all of your opportunities. So, you should try to increase your efficiency, using Nicola Tesla’s tricks.

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