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The Bad Signs: Change Your Lifestyle!

If you are not working out your memory, your attention, and you act like you are a hundred years old, it is high time to do something. Act before your organism gives you a SOS signal.


The Signs Showing that You Should Take Actions

Here are the following features you should be attentive too. If you find yourself behaving this way, you are doing something wrong.

  • You Take Critique Too Close

    You think that others do not deserve to critique you, but you still are often criticizing others. If you hear the critique towards you, you get furious and take the attacking mode.


An Angry Shouting Man

  • You Do Not Want to Learn Anything New

    You would rather agree with your old phone repairing than read the manual to the new model.

  • You Often Say “It Was Different a While Ago”

    This means you are tend to nostalgia and you would like the old times to come back.

  • You Tell Boring Things with Excitement

    You can speak for hours on the topics, which are interesting for you, even though you see that your friend feels bored and seems to fall asleep. The only thing that matters for you is that you want to speak on this issue.

  • You Cannot Concentrate

    It became more difficult for you to concentrate your attention if you are reading some scientific or/and academic texts. You feel that you experience the lack of understanding of it and you cannot remember some important facts. It happens that you have read the half of book and after this you realize to have forgotten its beginning.

  • You Discuss the Issues You Are Not Aware Of

    You can easily speak your mind and tell arguments on the topics from the spheres you have never been an expert in. For example, it may refer to politics, economics, poetry or boxing. Furthermore, you feel that you have so much knowledge on the issues, that you can easily become a brilliant president, a popular writer or a referee.

  • You Do Not Want to Think

    If you have a choice of films: one is filmed by a famous director and the other one is a popular detective story, you choose the latter. The thing is that you do not see the point of thinking while watching. You find nothing interesting in the films by the worldwide famous directors.

  • Others Should Meet Your Demands

    You do not want to adjust your behavior to others. Furthermore, you think that others should behave the way you want them to.


Telling Others What to Do

  • You Have a Lot of Rituals

    Your life is full of your own rituals. For example, you can drink your morning coffee only from the certain favorite cup, having fed your cat and looked through the newspaper before. If even one element of your regular chain is lost, you feel confused the whole day long.

  • You Notice that You Tyrant People

    You may notice that you tyrant the people around. The cause of this is not because you just want to, or because you feel angry. The problem is that you consider your behavior to be right.

Even having read this text and accepting some of the points, you already feel that something is not as it should be. Good for you, as this is a good step towards the changes, which will make you a self-sufficient person.

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