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Familiar Things You Will Miss After the Graduation

Sad Before Graduation

Remembering your feeling of shock when you saw your room for the first time, now you can't believe how you can miss it. But you definitely will!

Your Dorm Room

Of course, you won't miss the actual room but the memories and atmosphere you created in it, and the community that forms when you live in a dorm. By the end of the senior year, you will wish to stay there for at least a couple of years more, but, unfortunately, every story has its ending and this stage of your life is already over.

Library Meetings with Friends and Your Personal Spot

Surely, the library was the last place you ever considered to become a hang-out spot with your friends, but the finals week shows that everything is possible. Now you probably don't have any problems with finding the people you need as you know they will show up in the library sooner or later. So this is one of the things you are going to miss as well, considering that soon you will part your ways with almost all of your current friends. As every student, you probably have a special study spot somewhere, the place that you have experienced hell back in. Of course, that won't be the studying process you are going to miss but the atmosphere of the place you have claimed as yours.

That Coffee from the Favorite Campus Coffee Shop

Smiling Barista

Admit it, that barista from your favorite coffee shop has seen you in all the possible conditions and now, most likely, doesn't even bother asking what type of coffee you want. Seeing a familiar face and feeling a familiar smell of your favorite coffee can totally brighten your day and that is one of the things you are going to miss after the graduation.

Having a Routine Schedule

While you most likely hate waking up early and going to classes, having a maintained schedule which you need to follow makes your life so much easier. You know when your classes start, what projects are needed to be completed for each class and its deadlines. College time is the perfect time to learn to organize your schedule as everything will never be so simple in future. Believe me, you are totally going to miss the comfortable scheduled routine you have now.

The Ability to Start Fresh

It's a very calming feeling to know that no matter what situation you have to handle now; you will be able to start everything from beginning in a few months. Years of having to follow the same projects and routine can become boring and suddenly life no longer seems so inspiring and bright. You will surely miss the feeling of excitement you have experienced before the beginning of each semester and anticipation of having to complete different assignments for every new class.

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