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Games to Play with Friends: Get a Pen and a Paper

Writing down Smile

The games are not the only good choice to spend time with fun, but they can also develop memory and fill your mind with new associations. By the way, command-games in the company of people you meet for the first time will help to create a pleasant communication conditions. Positive emotions, which are caused by friendly competitions, reduce the tension and ruin the barriers between people.


It is a simple game to test your creativity. One person thinks of four random words and says them to the next player – he needs to make up a poem with the words that were named. The next step is to keep writing that poem by the other player on the same conditions. It is important for pieces of poem to have one storyline. This can be not only a funny game, but it also develops poetry skills.


Each player gets a sticker with the character over his forehead. The plot twist is that all the players see the papers of others, except their own. The task is to guess which character or personality’s name is attached to your forehead. The characters can belong to different areas of culture: cartoon characters, politicians, pop stars, actors, etc. If you want to choose a harder level, you can write down not only personalities, but also objects or abstractions like dream or happiness.

Player begin the game by asking leading questions, such as “Am I a man?”, “Am I a rock singer?”, “Am I a fictional character?” etc. Each person can ask only three questions per one round. The difficulty is that the answer only can be yes or no. The player, who will first guess his/her character, is the winner.

Funny Stickers


Players are split into pairs. It is possible choose a pair by will, but it is more interesting to choose your companion by drawing lots.

All you need for this game is a pen and small sheets of paper. Write down any character’s name – Mickey Mouse, Ban Ki-moon, whatever – on each paper. Everyone writes down ten personalities.

All the papers with the words are mixed up in the bag. The first round begins when the person from the first pair of players is given a bag with sheets of paper. He pulls out the character and tries to explain it to the team-mate, without mentioning the personality on the paper and the similar words. For example, a player pulls the word “Pinocchio” out, and he can explain it as “the wooden boy with a long, sharp nose”, but not as “character that sound like Pinochet”. Only after a team-mate calls the word correctly, the next sheet of paper can be pulled out. One team is given a one minute, and during that time you need to guess as many personalities as it`s possible. The fact of leaking time causes excitement and panic – a player begins to falter, gesticulate, shout, so the competition turns into a comedy show. By the way, it is important to remember what characters were named, as this will be very useful.

When the bag is empty, each pair counts and writes down results. Then the second round begins. All the papers again are mixed in the bag. The game starts again with the same rules, but the condition of the second round is to explain the character in one word. It can be a noun, adjective or else. The funniest thing is when player says an association with this character from the previous round. When the papers end again – the third round begins. It is even more difficult, because you need to explain the character with gesticulation. If it is easy to show Salvador Dali, you will be able to apply your imagination to explain Takeshi Kitano. The team that collects more points is the winner of competition.

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