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Opinion Essay About Lumbersexuals

Man Beard Smile

Masculinity is in the trend again! Severe men with the thick beards and blazing axes have rushed into the fashion industry a few years ago. Lumbersexualism is a surprising mainstream. This brutal-looking men can go backpacking into the woods or spend all day watching cat videos on YouTube. If you have to write an opinion essay on this issue, you may need some tips.

Who Are They?

First of all, you need to introduce the object of your essay. Lumbersexual is a certain style of appearance. Describe how they look like. Usually, this is a well-groomed man with a beard, in the flannel shirt and denim or leather pants. This is a new standard of mans’ handsomeness. We can’t deny the fact, that lumbersexuals look cool and brutal – exactly as a women’s dream.

Etymology of the Term

The term lumbersexual is rather new. It came up with the mainstream on the looks-like-logger style. In fact, term “lumbersexual” is from “lumberjack”. This explains all the features of this cult. You may describe how this word has appeared. What does it mean in etymological aspect?

Lumbersexual with girl

Why Do Girls Like Them?

Nowadays, lumbersexuals are the cult and mainstream in the same time. Look around – there are a lot of movie stars, who like this style: for example, Tom Hardy, Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel, etc. By the way, if ten years ago all manly things like watches, perfumes, suits were advertised by models, who looked like Cristiano Ronaldo, today brutal man is a new trend. You can think about causes of such situation. Maybe it is the return of past years’ fashion or just a great marketing strategy to sell more tracking boots.

Attack of the Clones

Like every coin has to sides, this phenomenon also has the dark side. Think of what bad is in this culture. For example, it has become very popular with the crowds. It is not a big secret, that mass is killing an individuality. The main disadvantage is that everyone looks the same, similar style makes people lose their personality. Also some people don’t like lumbersexuals because majority of them is only pretending to be brutal. The persons’ character often goes into the dissonance with his appearance – rugged-looking man is sitting in Starbucks and drinking the frappuchino.

To Sum Up

In the end, make a conclusion of all you just have written. Remember, it is an opinion essay, so you need to show you thoughts about the topic. You may look through the advantages and disadvantages of lumbersexuals and write down your point of view on this culture. An opinion essay requires personal thoughts about your topic, so if you don’t like such style, you can say, that it is not to your taste and this will be ok.

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