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Backpacking: What to Take on a Hike

Students Mountains Backpack

It is summertime! All your college exams have successfully passed away and now it’s time to go on holidays. Students can’t afford an expensive trip. The solution is camping – wonderful views, good company and nature will fill you with energy. It is cool to gather with your groupmates and go on a hike. If you don’t want to be nervous, you should prepare and take all the necessary things.

Comfortable Boots

Apart from such a must-have like a bottle of water and food, you need to think of your shoes. They must be comfortable and likely with instep-raiser. If there are none – your feet will hurt after three hours of walking. Tracking boots is the best choice for hiking.

First Aid Kit

You never know what can happen. You can get slightly scratched or your mate can poison you with some berries he has found. You don’t need to carry all the medicine, just the most needed: analgesics, patches and something to disinfect the wounds.

Sunscreen Lotion

If you don’t want to get a sunburn, take a sunscreen lotion. It is a common thing when particular parts of your body are going to be disposed to sunlight for long. Put some cream on the face, arms and legs. Also take a cap or the panama hat – it will prevent the sunstroke.

Mosquito Protection

Insects are the part of the nature, but they can easily ruin the rest, especially if your camp is located near water. There are a lot of protective measures from them: creams, sprays, grids, etc. If nothing helps, you can try traditional methods like the tea tree oil.

Power Bank

Nowadays, even backpacking can’t manage without gadgets like smartphone and camera. It often happens that there is no place to charge them. Especially, when your group is going backpacking for a few days. The full power bank is going to solve this problem. Your phone will not turn off at the most inappropriate moment, and you will be able to record more exciting moments of the hike.

Rain Coat

It’s better to look for the extended forecast, but sometimes it is not objective and hundred percent right. To be prepared to all weather changes, take a raincoat with you. It will not take up much space, but in case of rain, your backpack will stay dry.

Good Mood and Acoustic Guitar

Good mood

The main point is good mood of each member of the group. Believe, there is not much pleasure to travel with a person who complains about everything all the time. Your aim is to make the good memories with your college friends! Of course, night sittings around the fire are not ideal without guitar songs. If anyone can play the guitar, ask him or her to take it. Wonderful atmosphere is guaranteed.

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