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Summer Internship and How to Show Your Best from Day One


After surviving through the application process it may seem that the hardest part is already over but wait, it's still early to relax. Now your goal is to impress your employer and show the best of yourself. Who knows, maybe your summer internship could become your real job and bring you fantastic career opportunities for future. Here are some tips on how to rock your first day:

Be Prepared

What can be the best way to impress your boss if not making yourself noticeable from day one? It doesn't mean you have to wear a bright pink jacket, just showing your genuine interest in the company's business will be more than enough. Surely, all the detailed info and working experience you will get throughout the summer, but it will be a big plus if you come for your first day acknowledged of the organization's latest news and some of its history. This may give you an opportunity to participate in some of the employee discussions related to the company's industry and other things.

Ask questions

Another tip on how to make yourself noticeable. Every employer understands that internship is all about learning and gaining experience so don't be shy to ask all the questions you have, particularly during the first day. You better make sure you have understood your duties correctly in order to avoid any possible confusions later. Also, discuss the common details, like how often you have to check in with your boss, how you would communicate, who else you can ask questions to if he or she is not at the office, what the company's policies and restrictions are. Awareness of all these things will help you to stay clear of any miscommunications in future.

Communicate with Other Employees

Office Communication

Building a good relationship with colleagues is crucial and you will need to figure out how to make a good first impression on them as well. That doesn't mean you have to chat with other employees during the working hours while you have to do your tasks, no, that might be a bad idea for the first day. Use your lunch break for that. After finding out who you are going to eat with, consider starting a small talk. Just ask some light questions or bring up a neutral discussion topic. Be prepared for lots of questions too, so better think what information you're ready to share beforehand. By your desire to communicate with other workers in the office, you will show your boss your interest in the company as a whole and not just in gaining some study-related experience.

Be Positive

Of course, you might be scared and nervous but the best option is not showing it. Smile, be cheerful and enthusiastic even if some of the tasks are super boring. Be confident in your skills and knowledge, use them where necessary, but also always show your openness to learning new information by agreeing to participate in all the advised activities. All these tips will help you to make yourself noticeable! Keep it Up!

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