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The Price for Success: Are You Ready to Pay It?

The general definition of success would be “a result gained by an individual that satisfies him and is respected by other people”. Although it may seem simple but not everyone manages to gain those results, which they desire. The common issue is a lack of understanding that success is a complex notion and includes a number of constituents. Thus, people that are really successful had to pay the price, which is higher than others expect. Here are the habits and activities, which you need to involve into your success building.

  1. Waking up early. Although sleep is crucial for our good mood and health you will need to get used to a quite new schedule that will let you spend more time on work. Despite of leaving apart various unimportant activities, usually you will need to sleep 1-2 hours less than you would do before. Time is priceless and you need to find ways where to get it.

  2. Exercising. If you are willing to feel active and not to get exhausted after 3 hours of hard work you will really need to go in for sports. It will not only train your body but will also prepare your will for completing difficult tasks. Also, sometimes it will refresh your head so you will easily find new inspirational ideas.


  3. Less entertainment. Once you pursue your goal seriously you will find out that you appear to have less time for having fun than you might have expected. Instead of hanging out with friends, watching TV-programs, playing video games you will need to plan your days and learn a lot of new things.

  4. Getting educated apart from college. Although college or university education gives us a lot, it is, definitely, not all that you may need when building your own business or for getting promotion at work, for instance. No one teaches you how to plan your schedule correctly, or the basics of fast-reading, which is more than necessary for self-education. Also, you are to know various communication strategies and the basics of negotiations in order to be able to deal with people successfully.

  5. Leaving your zone of comfort. Once you decide that your future should be bright and far from routine you will have to leave your zone of comfort. It means that you must not always do the things, which do not bother you at all and which you got used to. On the contrary, you will have to acquire new skills that might have been unknown, work more than others in order to be more qualified. Moreover, you have to get engaged into activities that you have never done before.

    A person struggling for something

  6. Planning your schedule. No success can be improvised. It is usually well-planned years before it is gained. Try to set goals and break them into sub-goals that will be convenient for performing monthly or weekly. Do not forget about a daily schedule as all this planning thing will not be effective without it.

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