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Comparative Analysis of Political Systems: Writing Hints

When the students are supposed to compare two complex structures, like two political systems, they often feel lost, not knowing where to start. However, the task always seems harder before you have started working on it. Here is the article that might be helpful, in case you need some hints on how to write a comparative essay about politics.

First of all, here are the general features of any type of essay:

  • Presence of a problem or a topic the essay should be written on;
  • Small size (usually only a couple of pages);
  • Wide look on the problem, thorough analysis of all the crucial aspects;
  • Personal perception of the problem and individual approach to its solutions;
  • Deep understanding and a high level of awareness regarding the subject;
  • Logical structure, non-contradictory arguments;
  • Conclusion, that corresponds to the key points of the essay and the main idea the author was trying to prove.

writing a paper

The steps you need to follow while writing the essay are:

  • Writing a draft
  • Analysis of the text you have completed
  • Checking the style and the structure. Analyzing the choice of arguments and adding stronger ones if needed.
  • Finish working on the paper, having created a final variant of your essay.

As you see, the secret of writing a good essay lies in its structure. In order to compose an essay about political systems, you will need to consider the following points for the outline of your paper, so the structure is flawless and the arguments chosen are logical and convincing.

  1. Do you have specific aspects to compare or you are free to choose them? In case you need a help with the aspects of political systems to analyze, here are some:

    • History and origin;
    • The authority division;
    • Main tenets of the systems;

    Or you can choose more specific ones, for example:

    • Freedom of speech in two political systems;
    • Democracy in USA and Europe: what is the difference?

    two politics meet

  2. Create a general scheme of the arguments you are going to use. In order to make your essay convincing, try using one or two arguments that touches upon different life aspects, like education, economy, foreign affairs, religion, social equality and so on.
  3. Write down the thesis you want to prove in your comparative essay. This sentence will be guiding you while researching for the essay. You will need to choose the arguments that can prove your point, but at the same time be fair and critically think them through before including into your paper.
  4. Choose various reliable sources. It is better, if the sources are of the different types, like history books, articles, interviews and statistic data.

That’s it! If you follow these simple steps, the essay will be completed at the highest quality!

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