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A Lumbersexual: a Simplicity, a Beard, and a Masculine Energy

Not long ago there appeared metrosexuals and hipsters, who paid quite a lot of attention (in most cases too much) on how they look like. A lot of women were looking on bikers thinking: “Here is the true men. Well, I wish they could take a shower and fix their hair”.

There was a play of contrasts: men either were the office workers wearing suits and shirts with ties, or refused taking care about their look, or were spending too much time on manicure, on developing their hairstyle or choosing the skinny jeans.

Well, time changes and we change with it! Now a new image have appeared, which combines brutality of the real man and accuracy of a city liver. A man of this style is called a lumbersexual.

A Lumbersexual

Style of a Lumbersexual: Three Main Elements

The actual style of a typical lumbersexual consists of three main features:

  1. The Simple Clothing

    A good attribute of this style is the classical jeans. Not the skinny or flared jeans, just the regular ones. The one-colored T-shirts also suit to this image. Another elements of clothing are the following: checkered shirts, big sweaters, white singlet, casual shoes or sneakers. Lumbersexuals do not follow the latest trends as they consider their style to be out of the time. They just care about the quality of the things, not about the brands.

  2. Accurateness

    Lumbersexuals do not look much like lumberjacks. Actually, they look much more accurate. They live in cities and take the rules of them. They smell good, they have a neat hear and if they take of their shoes you won`t need to cover your nose. A lumbersexual is well-educated, aware of the cultural tendencies, reads a lot and overall is an interesting and smart person. He can do both: build a house with his own hands as well as talk about the world economy. Thus, a lumbersexual is a dream of all women:)

  3. A Beard

    A beard is one of the most important parts in description of lumbersexuals. However, there is a paradox: a lot of lumbersexuals simply do not have beards. A typical lumberjack is being imagined as a man with a big and thick beard taking half of his face. Nevertheless, some men do not consider a beard to be a suitable thing, or they think that they are too young for it. Thus, it is a good element, but it is not a 100% indicator of the style. As a compromise a beard can be substituted by a week-long bristle.

    A Beardy Man

Where Did It Come from?

It is interesting to know: where did the style and its name come from?

  1. Name

    The name of the style obviously derived from the English word ‘lumberjack’ meaning woodcutter. You will see such men in films about the northern regions of the USA and Canada. Thus, there is a lifehack on how to check if a person is a lumbersexual. Just imagine the person with the axe. If it looks suitable – you face a true lumbersexual!

  2. Style by Itself

    It is an interesting fact, that the image of a lumbersexual comes from the gay culture, where it was actually introduced. However, even though this word has “sexual” part, it has nothing to do with the sexual orientation. Famous Hollywood actors are also representatives of this tendency and there are no doubts in them being straight. Everybody knows and a lot of women admire such celebrities as Jensen Ackles or Hugh Jackman.

You may like the modern tendencies or not, but they still appear and become extremely popular. Who knows, what styles will the future bring?

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