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Studying Styles: Which One Suits You?

Maybe you have already noticed, that you remember the studying material better if it was presented to you in a certain way. Getting to know yourself and the wonders of your memory better will certainly help you determine the best way you can absorb information.

Scientists and methodologists have long been experimenting with the ways our brains can learn, and here are a few types of studying styles that are the most common. Remember, that no studying style is completely perfect for all people, and try to see which one makes you learn quicker. Maybe you belong to more than one studying type?

Visual Type

People who tend to use diagrams, colorful pictures and bright schemes belong to this type. They can often associate certain words to certain pictures in their mind, or certain colors. For example, they may remember what exactly the professor was saying by linking it with the color of the shirt he was wearing. They are the fans of maps, instructions in pictures and enjoy watching videos online, which explain how things are made.


Kinesthetic Type

Kinesthetic means learning through motion. This type of students can easily acquire knowledge using material things in the process, or interacting with others through role-playing games. They also remember better by doing something with their hands, like pottery or pantomime. This type of students can often be found in the drama clubs.

Auditory Type

The auditory type uses music, rhythms, melodies and other audio effects as the means of studying. Listening to a tape or composing their own little poems can help them learn the information faster.

Verbal Type

Most of the people who belong to this type of studying style use the verbal means of the language in both written and oral form, for example, writing down notes or retelling the studying material to themselves. They remember the information through the words they used.

Logical Type

This type of studying style can be attributed to the students who look for the logical connections between all the pieces of the material they receive. In their mind, it clicks together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. They understand all the reasons behind the events or the facts they need to learn.

Such students are often determined about what they want from their future and what they can achieve by themselves.

Social Type

Such people connect easily with others, and absorb the information faster if they learn it by interacting with others, in study groups or in pairs. Retelling the information to a partner can help you avoid making a mistake during the exam, also develops your skills as a listener.

Study Group

Individualistic Type

Studying in groups is not everyone’s cup of tea. This type of students enjoys learning by themselves and can often be found with their nose buried in a self-learning manual. It does not mean that they are the loners, they just learn better this way!

Learning Style Explained

If you struggle getting to know your personal learning style, just type it in the search and take one of various tests and questionnaires presented in the web. Some websites even claim to get you a personal guide and explore your style to learn. Do you muse on why you belong to one learning style when always been inclined to another? The reason is: tending to one studying style does not mean not being able to learn effectively with a different one.

Each lobe in each part of our brain is responsible for one or many special senses. By involving more and more of these lobes, we learn quicker and more effectively, however sometimes one sense is enough to do a productive learning. Scientists have learnt to determine them and that is how the science of different methods of learning appeared.

The greatest prospective of using exactly your way of learning was unappreciated. Right now, teachers and parents know much more about that and the studying process has become more of a pleasure than a boring stuff. A person who learns according to the parts of his or her brain that are more developed, learns much faster, absorbs loads of information less torturing and experiences no stress, boredom and fear of studying in whole.

Thanks to a discovery of this study we have now multiple devices and methods of learning inserted into a studying process at schools which helps all children with different learning styles to cohere information equally. Writing, reading, composing, working in groups and individually, logically deducting, playing, showing, communicating, speaking out, watching, touching and many other ways of acknowledging with the world help them to find their place in class and develop as personalities.

Children in Class

Remember: your learning style does not depend on your level of intelligence but on the way your brain processes the information. So, next time when your mom catches you watching YouTube videos explain her that this is a modern visual way of studying that suits you the best.

Kids nowadays have a unique possibility get information and learn while playing and using different electronic devices. If you want to learn a new language, do not rush in a library (however, it is also a good point), just watch videos in that language with or without subtitles, read a foreign text aloud, find friends on language site from that country or listen to audio files recorded by native speakers. The possibilities are endless!

The best way to study is to combine or switch these learning styles in order to make your brain work more effectively by processing the new information got from different sources. Do not be afraid to try it out! Learn with friends and track your and their success. Or study alone and compare your results with the past ones.

Nobody can deny a person who really wants to study, just find your way of studying and the most comfortable place of studying hit the books and you will be amazed how exciting and interesting it is to learn something new!

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