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Research Report Writing: Requirements and Hints

Research report is a type of academic writing, when a writer covers the essence of the certain scientific issue, provides its reader or listener with different opinions on the issue, and includes his personal thoughts on it. This type of writing is a way to deliver the research results within a clear and understandable text. It can be delivered in a written or oral form.


Step-by-Step Research Report Completion

To ease your hard task of struggling with writing, we have developed a brief and clear algorithm of what to do.

Step 1: An Actual Research

Search for the content to include. Apply all the necessary methods, find your own ways to get the information on your issue. After having got a certain outcome you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Make Up Your Sources List

List all the sources you have used for your research. You will definitely need some theoretical basis for your research, so make sure all the books, articles, even videos and pictures used are indicated under sources to avoid plagiarism.

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Step 3: Adaptation and Systematization of Information

Now it is time to put everything in order. Make up your mind considering what you want to tell to your reader and/or listener. What information needs to be added? What is worth mentioning and what needs to be cut off?

Step 4: Develop a Plan

Based on the information you have got on the previous step, develop your research paper outline. It will be a skeleton, on which you will put the relevant information while writing.

Step 5: Write

Now, when you have a plan, it will take short to do the writing. You will not get stuck, since you know the order of points to be specified. Just add your explanations point by point and this will be it.

Step 6 (optional): An Oral Report Delivery

Deliver your results orally. It is good if you can add some visual supportive materials in form of a Power Point presentation.

Structural Requirements for the Research Report

This particular type of writing has different purpose than a regular essay, what will be reflected on the building of your report to have the next elements:

  • Formulating a Topic

    A topic needs to be specific and extra-ordinary from both aspects: the issue it refers to, and the words and word structures you use to formulate it. If you fail with one of the aspects of your topic, the full topic will be a weak point of your paper.

  • Motivating the Actuality of Research

    Here you are supposed to explain, what is the point of carrying out your research at all? Why have you selected this topic, and which points of it have not been reviewed by scientists yet?

  • The Aim

    This part deals with the questions: What were you aimed at while working on the research? What were you trying to disclose?

  • The Specific Tasks

    Gaining the certain aim requires the performance of the set of tasks set. List them here.

  • Hypothesis

    What was the expected conclusion and outcome of the research?


  • Methods

    Indicate, which methods you have applied to gather the information on the issue. These specifications will contribute to your audience`s understanding of your work better.

  • Results

    Briefly tell the results you have discovered. Include some brief comments to some of the facts, include the relevant numbers and evidence in form of infographics or tables/graphs.

  • Conclusions

    Summarize the results of your research in brief, stating only the main things. It is required to mention, what you have understood after you have performed the work, and what the further perspectives on the issue are. It is better to determine 3-4 main statements and enumerate them, which should have no more than 2-3 sentences long.

Congratulations: you are done with your report!

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