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Graduation Traditions: Which University Has the Best One?

The day of a young person’s graduation is extremely important, as it symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Everyone wants his or her graduation to be special and memorable, and many universities make it happen. Some traditions go far back in time, some have started recently, but they all are beloved and leave bright marks in a student`s memory. Take a look at these traditions. Which one would you like to follow?


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Every student of a graduation ceremony wears a Brass ring – a specially designed piece of jewelry, which contains a symbol, slogan of the course, a stamp, a year of finishing the university. After an official part, there comes the time for an unofficial one.

Graduates of the world-famous MIT throw the old things (books, furniture, electronic devices) from the roofs of the dorms and campus buildings. Everyone is warned about that beforehand so no one gets hurt. The louder the sound is the better, as it is believed that the one who started this tradition in XX century has thrown his old piano from the roof. Can you imagine how loud that was?!

The Southern Taiwan University

The Southern Taiwan University

The campus of this university is extraordinarily beautiful and people sometimes call it a house of angels. A legend says that graduates can ask the university to borrow one of the angels to guard, protect and help them in life. It is believed that to do so you simply have to touch the roof of your car when going out through the main gates. You can always bring your angel back – simply touch the roof of your car when coming back into the campus the same way.

University of Coimbra

A colorful and bright tradition takes place in Coimbra, Portugal. Graduates take part in a parade, after which they burn the ribbons with the symbols of the university in special pots. There is even a church ceremony dedicated to that day, which takes place right before the ritual of burning ribbons.

Bauman University

Graduates of Bauman University in Russia take rides in… washbowls! Everything starts with going down the stairs, sitting inside in the washbowl, after that everyone goes outside, washbowls are being tied to the car which rides around the dorms of the university. Sometimes, when the road is not smooth enough, the bottom of the “riding device” is equipped with old notebooks for a softer and smoother ride.

University of Virginia

One of the traditions for the graduates here is to run to the statue of Homer and kiss his buttock, while being naked yourself. Obviously, this is not official and not supported by the administration of the university, but many graduates do it every year.

University of Georgetown

take of the arrows

Here is another place with an unofficial, but beloved tradition. Graduates do not manage to follow it every year, as both the administration and the police do their best to avoid it. But every 5-6 years someone gets lucky enough to take off the arrows of the clock from the Healy Hall (the main building) and to send them to Vatican.

It remains a mystery where this tradition comes from, but it is unique enough to be mentioned in this list.

Argentine Graduates Get Sticky

In Argentina, the new graduates are only being honored when being thrown with all sticky foods that can be found: syrups, ketchup, smashed tomatoes and so on. In this case, they are considered mature enough to begin a new life of adolescence.

Humiliated Italian Graduates

No, they are not being hazed on purpose, in such way the friends and family members of a new grad show how much they love him or her. Very often graduates get a portion of food and liquids into their face. Why not? Love is everywhere, especially in the food on your face.

Royal Thailand Grads

These graduates are not that simply as everyone else. A graduation ceremony in public universities for them is a special occasion which family members of the royalty attend in order to hand out their diplomas.

Who else would like to have a hand shake with a royal person? You still have a chance!

Tintinnabulation of Bells in Harvard University

All residents of Cambridge know that the day when ALL churches, schools and houses ring their bells is a special day for the graduates as they celebrate the end of their commencement.

Imagine this sound around the whole city – graduates definitely have what to be proud of as they are being worshiped by the blessed bells for a new life!

University of Notre Dame in Indiana

Have you been thinking about how to decorate your academic cap to be distinguished from the other grads? Just take a look at these graduates of the University of Notre Dame, they will surely beat everywhere in the aspect of imagination!

Not all students have such unique skills and follow this tradition but only graduated with an architecture degree use their advantages. However, nothing can stop you from asking your peer to make an unforgettable mortarboard for your graduation ceremony.

Tradition of Throwing Up Your Cap – Is It Everywhere?

Have you even been wondering why do graduates throw their caps up after hearing the final graduation? Where does this tradition come from?

We thank the US Navy graduates for this special tradition as they have invented that simple movement as a ritual that they could be free from the caps the Navy students have been wearing for four years. This practice seemed quite extraordinary at that time and was quickly followed by grads of different universities around the US. Right now, it is very popular in the UK and the US but also selectively takes place around the world.

That is it! We are pretty sure that your university also has a special graduation custom to share with us. So, do not hesitate and leave us a comment! Which tradition did you like the most? Tell us!

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