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Sharing Experience: Difficulties of Student's Life

Difficulties of Student

When taking about a student and student's life, there is always such a thing in my imagination like a man standing on a crossroad of choices. You never know for sure where each of the ways will lead you. That is why Sigmund Freud was so right to say that since freedom means responsibility, people do not really want it and are afraid of it. Your head usually goes round when you start to realize importance of your own independent decisions beginning with the choice of future profession.

Being Unprepared

Being a student is a first real step into adult life. As it became 'classical', living in a dormitory is a quite new, 'not opened before' page. On the one hand, it is jump-out-of-your-pants thing, because you are not under your parents' control, doing whatever you want, having fun 24 hours a day with your roommates. But on the other hand, it is a bunch of problems you have to be faced with. Imagine you are sharing your room with a sociophobe person or with one who is leaving his/her dirty underwear on the display. Naturally, you may be irritated or even mad on the person just as you have opened your eyes in the morning. And how will you cope with that? Will you be tolerant or aggressive? To add more, think about cooking, laundry, cleaning up and being self-dependent at least. No more mom's dishes. Everything now is on your shoulders. If you live not in your native town you have to deal with every day routine, home duties on your own and at the same time get on well in studying and, probably, save time for going out. It is a pity, but most of students face with home issues when they are absolutely unprepared for them. It may be compared with a child who waits for a chocolate egg for breakfast and gets a plate of porridge.


Beside the household activities and self-supporting, there is also a risk of failure in choosing the specialization. It is not a secret that children see their future job 'in pink colors' and, what is more, they prefer to see the advantages only. On the contrary, the disadvantages are not considered and this leads to some undesired consequences. Just imagine a man who wishes to become a doctor and loses consciousness while seeing blood. It resembles well-known memes "Expectation-Reality". You may argue with it, but it is a quite common thing that some people have a completed picture about their future job made from film episodes or their personal dreams or pictures from magazines. And that imagination about longed-for profession is forming from childhood. Unfortunately, sometimes it appears to be a great disappointment if it doesn't match with actuality. So, while you are thinking over professional direction, be very accurate and scrupulous. Weigh up the pros and cons and take into consideration your personal traits and skills.


On the Alert

Besides, the majority of students want to predict their future up to 100%. It is really wise to count on something definite to expect the result from years of getting an education. It is like: "If I enter the faculty of philology, I will be a lecturer in future." Though, be on the alert! Tastes and minds change a lot during life building, and it usually ends up with making your job, let's say, in a tourist agency instead of being a lecturer, for example. Pondering over job prospective is necessary but still a very relative thing. It is probable that tomorrow you will dislike the profession picked. The reasons always differ. In the process of studying, our minds and character change a bit, and as a result, wishes and aims do so too. As you see now, even the first step into the adult life turns into hesitation, reflection and difficulties.

Sharing Experience

Moreover, being a student is being a bit stressed out from time to time. Okay, let's be honest, not a bit! Any choice you make is uneasy, because you have never experienced that! If you dream to become a doctor or a designer, it would surely be a very convenient act if you ask any professional of certain specialization to share their experience with you. It is possible that they may offer you a day of your attendance at the job place. So that you can overlook how the process goes and let the feelings pass through you and to understand if the job is for you or not. It is necessary to be aware of the amount of time and money you spend while studying in the university or college. Because, when the efforts don't justify the expectations one time, dreams automatically become a frustration.

Overlooking Job Process

Go After Feelings

From the other point of view, it is not a rule that each person who enters any educational establishment will test their nervous system. People say that student age is the golden age. And how can you disagree? Really, you are wild, young and free. What bothers you? Do what you desire, chose what your heart is set on and follow your inner feelings and emotions. Maybe, it is the time when you learn how to listen to yourself. Going after intuition is also a right decision on the way of self-knowledge. In the contrast to that, worrying is a feeling which enables you to do right decisions, as you are alarmed and embarrassed. It is a common thought that we are born to be happy and that is why any doing should match with our will. In its turn, it means that either you choose between life-changing things or between hanging out tonight or sitting at home, you equally should trust it to your present sentiment. However, remember about the responsibility for actions made.

Following Intuition

Be Aware

All in all, everything is in our hands. That is the reason why we have to be constantly aware of importance of choices, actions and decisions either they are thought over or done on spot!

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