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Persuasive Essay on Cell Phones

Person Talking Mobile

Today it is quite hard to imagine the modern person's life without a cell phone. People check their feed in social networks early in the morning, text their friends during the day, and read news reports before going to sleep. These devices definitely give the huge perspectives and benefits for mankind, however, there are some negative points as well. The harm of hand phones is a highly discussed topic in the society. In this article, there are several pros of mobiles usage.


Thanks to the cell phones, one can call to his friends or relatives in another part of the world in the fastest way. People don't have to visit special services to make an international contact. It is easy in a modern world as never before. The distance is not a problem for kids and parents anymore; they don't have to concern about each other's well-being as it is possible to make a call at any moment.


The modern devices give a possibility to get an Internet connection on the phone. That means you can search the necessary information at any moment, use GPS while being lost or just write messages in the social networks. It makes life more enjoyable and comfortable. Some years ago, one had to find a computer to get access to the Web; today, the task is almost effortless. Choosing a certain tariff on the phone is everything you need to do.

At School

Despite the average opinion, mobile phones may be really useful in schools. Firstly, it gives parents an opportunity to be aware where is a child or if he is in trouble. That makes control of one's behavior much easier. Secondly, kids may use the Internet on their phones in educational goal. It is a quick way to prepare for the test or lesson, check the truthfulness of information or just read some interesting facts. While mobile phones in school are using moderately, it has no harm. However, devices have to be permuted only for studying and communication reasons, but not for gaming or texting in social networks during classes.

Kid Using Smartphone

Other Functions

Besides communication and the Internet, mobile phones have many other useful functions. For instance, the compact camera gives a chance to memorize every significant moment in life without taking a ponderous one. In addition, photos have a high quality. Dictionaries are also available to use on mobiles; thanks to it you will barely get into troubles in the foreign country. Music player and radio help you to enjoy yourself while travelling and there is no necessity to take special Walkman. Other thing cell phones offer to humanity are games, of course, it is just time wasting, but one can play some if he or she gets bored and have nothing else to do.

All in all, cell phones can't be cancelled from our lives as they really make human's being more effortless and comfortable. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that devices are harmful both for physical and mental health if being used all day without breaks. That issue has to be controlled by parents in order not to let their kids get addicted to mobiles.

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